Monday, October 31, 2011

2011 Halloween Winner & Wrap Up

This year we had only four challengers for our annual Halloween Treat Challenge and none in the same category of treat so I can't declare a winner for each category, only an over all winner.  Let's review the challengers.

In the category of Gorumet, Cocoa Dolce sent their Cranky Jack-O-Lanterns.

In the category of Mass Produced, Praim sent their R.I.P and Bone-Appetit Bars.

In the category of Treat Source, sent samples of several types of chocolate they wholesale.

In the category of Novelty, Creative Chocolates sent us their white and milk chocolate skull.

There were no challengers in the Baked category this year though in the past two years there were cookie companies that sent in goods.

The choice comes down to weighing all the factors of quality of chocolate, variety, skill, price, and what you could use it for.  I struggled and consulted with others for several days and finally we chose Cocoa Dolce's Cranky Jack-O-Lanterns as our 2011 Best Halloween Treat.  We will contact them about placing a 30 day add on our site for free.

All of the chocolatiers and companies who sent in treats were great this year. You need to check them all out because remember that the various and numerous winter holidays are right around the corner.

Now I need feedback from you, Sisters and Brothers.

If we added another treat challenge category of "Homemade Halloween Treats" would any of you be interested in sending a sample of your work?  We'd do these reviews midweek and link back to the blog or website of those sending in the treats.  Instead of free advertizing, you aren't businesses so what do you have to advertize, our reviews would get you more exposure to more readers.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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