Saturday, November 26, 2011

Farthest Star Cookies for the Holidays

December 4th (or 15th, I've found both dates) is "National Cookie Day" and since the holidays are so busy, I wanted you all to have time to check out two types of cookies from Farthest Star Cookies who sent us these treats a while back. Don't worry, Sisters and Brothers, all of us here on The Chocolate Cult tried these while they were still fresh and we just pre-wrote this review for our Winter Holiday Schedule and because of the fun food holiday relating to cookies.  We'll be doing several things with cookies in December here including sharing your Chocolate Priestess first foray into the world of food blog exchanges.  You have time now to check out Farthest Star Cookies with us before "National Cookie Day" in case you don't feel up to baking or making cookies yourself but want something more than the pre-packaged, mass produced items you find in many stores.

They sent us two of their cookies that have cocoa and chocolate as major ingredients, as well as the alcoholic "shots" they are famous for so let's look at them both.  They came in simple white paper bags with the company logo stickers; each bag contained six cookies.  You probably can't see the names in this photo because the stickers are dark but they are an artistic view of the sky with the sun in the background as you'll see below when I opened the box.

These were packed in all recycled dark red paper and without too much over packing.  When a company does something to protect cacao production be it fair wages, eco-friendly agricultural practices or just more eco-friendly package we like to highlight that here.  Plus it looked pretty with the red paper and was not what I excepted to see opening the box.

The first type of cookie was their Cocoa Curacaco which is supposed to be a brownie inside of a cookie with orange curacaco.  Let's see if it is, Sisters and Brothers.  First it looks like a very dark chocolate mound of a cookie measuring on average about 2.5 inches in diameter with a depth of 1.75 inches.  Very big mouthful but I cut one in half and share it immediately.  It has a cocoa scent with a hint of orange in the background when I take a whiff after cutting it open.  The outside is a bit crispy like a cookie might be but the inside is indeed thick and slightly chewy like a brownie should be.   There is a blast of cocoa and then a deepening of orange with a little burn in my mouth  probably from the alcohol but the cocoa flavor is the dominant one and it is very pleasing to me because it is darker not milk chocolate.  The texture is a touch dry but then it was transported and we tested them the next day.  The Farthest Star folks suggest you freeze them if you won't eat them in a few days and you can freeze them up to a month if you reheat them for a few seconds.

The second variety was the Northface cookie is a soft cookie with chocolate and peppermint schnapps so I wonder if it will have an alcoholic kick to it.  These were spread out more at 2.75 inches diameter but thinner as well at 0.75 inches.  As you can see they were swirls of vanilla and chocolate cookies.  I wonder how they did that?  Since we want chocolate, I pick one that looks like it as a lot of it.  The cookie has a definite cocoa scent with a peppermint edge that intensifies once I cut it open.  This also more crisp on the outside but since it is thinner it is not as chewy as the previous cookie.  The cool of the mint lingers but the cocoa and the peppermint flavor blend very well together which is what I'd want especially as I see the winter holidays approaching. 

So if you aren't big into making cookies and are sad you missed celebrating today with quality cookies, don't worry.  Another "National Cookie Day" is scheduled for December 4th (or 15th).  If you think Farthest Star Cookies is a good choice, you have time to go and order some today.  Remember if you do, eating them fairly quickly because these are fresh and have no preservatives added.  Both of these varieties meet The Chocolate Cult's expectation for chocolaty cookies and they get our approval as a worthy Sacrament.

Here is a great way to influence this great little company and help it grow without spending money, too.  They have conducting a survey and if you participate you will be in the drawing for a gift certificate to get free cookies.  You get to help them with important questions all bakers and candy makers need to know, help a college class with a project, and get the chance to win some cookies. Why wouldn't you help out by answering a survey?  I took it, it took maybe 5-10 minutes of my time.  It does not require that you are familiar with Farthest Star Cookies at all so please do take this survey.  It isn't often that companies care enough to get direct consumer feedback so please do take this opportunity.

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