Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lindt Bear Day

Ah, the winter holidays.  I use the plural on purpose, Sisters and Brothers, because many cultures have holidays during the last two months of the year and during the first month of the year.  For us in the Northern Hemisphere these are often festivals tied to early magical traditions where the actions of humans could impact the entire world if we just did certain things.  What ever the reason our first featured review of this winter holiday season in 2011 is from Lindt Chocolate R.S.V.P. Consultant Amy Sue Lambermont who much like the Dove Discoveries Chocolatiers helps bring unique products from a well-known chocolate company into our lives.  Today, November 9, 2011, is Lindt Bear Day so check it out too and start thinking ahead for you holidays so you aren't rushed and end up spending more money than you should.

As you could see in the first photo, I was sent a total of 5 bears.  The fuzzy one, the cuddly one is the Lindt Teddy Bear and he has a red bag with  five milk chocolate truffles inside.  The bear itself can only sit and is about 7 inches tall from the surface it sits on to the top of the ears.  It is very soft except in the butt which has little pellets to give a bit of weight so it doesn't fall over.  The truffle has the Lindt shape you are likely familiar with -- round molded two halves of chocolate shell over an interest semi-soft truffle center.  The shell has a creamy, vanilla cocoa scent and is very cool to the touch.  Biting into it doesn't make a sound but be careful because the center may want to come out in one piece and you need to really make this a two-bite treat to get the full impact of the creamy and again vanilla milk chocolate.  Letting it rest in my mouth does not last long because it melts quickly but it allows the cocoa essence to build up more.  After eating one truffle I can see why the Lindt Bear is smiling -- this is a lovely evening treat and it can last five full evenings plus a lifetime if you take care of the bear itself.

I was told by Amy Sue that you can also make hot chocolate with these truffles.  Here is how you do it: 1 cup milk warmed, 3 truffles of any variety, stir, reheat to keep the truffles melting.  Then if you want, you could add cream or marshmallows as well.  I'll try this later when it isn't so warm -- I can't believe it's still in the upper 60s and lower 70s where I am -- but have any of you tried this, Sisters and Brothers?

The other bears we were sent was the Lindt Bear Gift set that includes four 100g milk chocolate bears wrapped in gold foil.  As you can see thing once you get one unwrapped, some of the bear features remain like the face and paws with "Lindt" across the rounded little tummy.  They have the same creamy, vanilla cocoa scent as the truffles above which makes perfect sense given both are milk chocolate.  These are hollow but still the question was: Break it or try and bite it?  I tried to bite it first starting with one of the ears.  The chocolate is very thick so it makes a loud snap when I bit off the right ear (as I'm looking at it) and yup inside is hollow.  Just like the truffles, letting your bite melt will increase the over all flavors and blending of said flavors.  This is basically the truffle in a cuter form.  But this is also a brand new product from Lindt so you've seen it here if not for the first time, then one of the first times in the media.

Want to add cute to your chocolate, these two product definitely meet that goal.  Neither of these are innately Christmas so that means this could be a great gift year around but they may be limited availability.  Remember if you store chocolate under temperature and moisture controls it can last for months so think ahead to holidays coming up in the first part of 2012.  (I doubt the world will end)  Personally I really liked the Lindt Bear because I get something that lasts ever after the truffles are gone.  Check out Amy Sue's website and shoot her an email or call her and let her know you saw these products on The Chocolate Cult.  If you can think of anyone who might love these little bears, you'd be ahead on your gift shopping for the season and help a small businesswoman as well.

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