Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Keeping Track of Chocolate the Smorgie Way

As you may see, Sisters and Brothers, from the right sidebar, I partner with several sites and companies.  Those that send us products or those that, to be blunt, offer me a little money upfront without clicks or sales, are higher on the list.  One of these is The Foodie Blogroll and they've asked me to help spread the word about a new company.  Now, I will never do this unless I think it may be something you might find interesting and if it can or does involve Chocolate in some fashion.  A while back they asked me to try a new restaurant search engine called Smorgie and I did.  I had some good conversations with the site's manager and then they offered me a bit of money to honestly review them here for all of you.


Honest is the only type of review I am going to do, ever, so this works for me and I hope it will be helpful for you.

Registration at Smorgie is easy and free.

Searching for restaurants in your area is more complicated.  First it works best if you know the restaurant's name or the type of food you are interested in.   You must put in both a city and state as well as a type of food.  I found that a bit annoying because initially I wanted to just see if they had anything for the college town I live in.  A big metropolitan area, sure, they'd have that, but a community of around 65,000?  Just searching for my city was a bit tricky to figure out how to do but it can be done.

If you put in a type of restaurant as well as city and state then you'll get a list. Now it may not be a list of every restaurant but you can add restaurants as long as you know the name, the street address, and a telephone number.  I still believe the search engine could be improved more especially by just using a city or a ZIP code frankly but it is decent at this point and time and I'm hoping as more folks participate and give them feedback they'll make changing.

The biggest plus for Smorgie is the ability to create lists of restaurants.  To do this you must first add a few restaurants to your account.  When you add a place  you can choose what type of restaurant it is -- you don't need to stick with the type you found it under -- and  you can leave yourself comments about it.  Once you have a good number, I made sure I had a dozen before I created  list, then you can create lists and add restaurants to them.  You can name the lists whatever you want.

Currently my lists include:
"Awesome Chocolate Desserts"
"Downtown Haunts"
"Everyday Eateries"
"Our Favorites in Bloomington, Indiana"
"Special Times"

You can list a restaurant multiple times for example under my first list, "Awesome Chocolate Desserts," I have places that show up in each of the other four lists.

The downside I found with the lists is that the one I lasted use will automatically add a restaurant to it if I'm still checking out restaurants.  I think the program would work best if it asked you what lists you want to add it to or if  you wanted to create a new list at the time you add the restaurant to your account.

You can also browse other people's lists to get ideas so if you check it out, you can find me under "ChocoPriestess" because there was a character limit for names.

Try it and then leave me a comment about what you think about Smorgie so that they can get an idea of how to improve it.  Remember these sorts of promotions help me try out more "On the Road" adventures to share with you all so please do participate and check out those companies on our sidebar for your holiday gifts, too.

Smorgie.com - Make and Share lists of Yummy

Per FTC Laws: This sponsorship is brought to you by Smorgie.com who we have partnered with for this promotion.

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