Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nadia's Cannolis

Not far from your Chocolate Priestess' house is a new restaurant called Nadia's Bistro.  It replaces one of the finer restaurants in our college town, a place we went to once maybe since are not really "fine dinning" folks.  I found a coupon on the Nadia website, we decided to try it.  I also got to try out my new recorder as well so I could speak into it and get all my ideas instead of just take short notes. I didn't however just transcribe what I said.

After a nice lunch of some sandwiches, we decided to split the "chocolate dipped cannolis".  As you can see there were two cannoli, perfect to split with my hubby on our little romantic afternoon out.  The ends are dipped in chocolate, there is a drizzle of chocolate, a little dusting of cocoa and powdered sugar.  It came with a sliced strawberry (I ate that) and two spoons. The presentation was lovely except I noticed that the ricotta filling was much moister than I have had in cannoli in the past.  This filling tasted very creamy and sweet, without a hint of tartness that I associate with ricotta, and it was much less firm than any cannolo I've had in the past.  The result was a filling that was ice cream like in terms of flavor and texture.  My cannolo did taste good and was fun to eat once I scooped a lot of that filling out of the end so it didn't fall out onto my shirt.  The best way to improve this would be to firm up the filling and add more chocolate, perhaps adding in mini chips to the filling or even making that chocolate as well.

We'll probably try Nadia's Bistro again but sadly this was their only chocolate dessert so we'd have to go elsewhere to find a new treat to reveal to you all, Sisters and Brothers.

Language note: "cannolis" isn't a word but it is the word on the restaurant menu.  The singular is cannolo or cannolu (in Sicily) but the plural is simply cannoli.

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