Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year, Old Cookie Favorite

Today is the last day of 2011 and some people fear that 2012 will bring some great disaster.  Let's not dwell on such morbid theories and instead ring in the New Year with an old favorite, Sisters and Brothers.  The folks from Nabisco via the Amazon Vine Program sent me a box of their Mallomars.  I remember these primarily from my five years living in NYC, Manhattan to be more clear, while I went to Columbia University.  We had friends who just loved these things and I didn't think they were bad but I preferred other types of chocolate cookies in general because I felt these were too focused on the chocolate.

Either my memory is bad or these have indeed been improved.  The first thing I always check is whether or not something has chocolate and in what form that chocolate comes.  On this ingredient list, "chocolate, cocoa butter, and chocolate processed with alkali and soy lecithin" come right after the first ingredient, sugar.  There are also a lot of added oils as well but part of that may be for the cookie base or the marshmallow.  Each cookie is 1.5 inches radius and rises to 0.75 inches at its most puffy top.  Two cookies equal a serving with 120 calories made of 3g saturated fat, 40mg sodium, 1g fiber, 12g sugars (I was amazed that it wasn't 20+ grams of sugar), and 1g protein.  As you can see it has three parts -- marshmallow being the largest section then a thin cookie bottom all covered by chocolate.  The chocolate had a slightly dark scent than I expected as well as a slightly bitter edge, just very tiny, this is still milk chocolate.  The cookie was very crumbling so that didn't make a noise when I took a bite; the marshmallow part obviously made no sound and it also did not stick to my teeth.

Unfortunately the way this was shipped to me resulted in some fat bloom on some of the cookies (not the ones I choose for this review) and some of the cookies had broken apart.  The fat bloom made those particular cookies have a slightly grainy texture but the others were cool and smooth to my fingers and in my mouth.  I'd get these in my local store not have them delivered.  Given the marshmallow itself, I wouldn't be surprised if these are more fragile in terms of temperature and moisture though the moisture shouldn't be a problem given the plastic try and the plastic covering it and the cookies.  The chocolate competed better with the marshmallow but this still isn't quite strong enough chocolate to get a full Sacrament label from us.  Instead it is a nice treat to try from time to time.

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