Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Words on Chocolate for 2011 Holidays

This is our final Winter Holiday specific Sacrament for you all to consider, Sisters and Brothers.  This comes from a fairly new company called Chocolate Says It All which uses FDA approved food colorings without flavor to print messages and images on chocolate.  They sent us this winter holiday sample that we'll look at today as well as a few birthday samples they have.  Their chocolate smells like and looks like milk chocolate though the website doesn't give specific chocolate details that I could find.  On top is a white coating, maybe sugar, that the printing is done on.  Each of the individual printed pieces comes in a plastic case to hold it firmly so it didn't break in transit at all.  No unnecessary packing materials were used for my samples and we appreciate that greatly because anything that could help the planet, the land, the water, and all aspects of the global environments can benefit the growth of cacao.

This images is fairly clear, I can read all the words and see the various shapes that make up the "Happy Holidays" message.  The colors are more vibrant than I thought they might be though definitely not card quality; what do we except, it is food after all and a newer technology than printing on cakes that I've seen in shops.  This chocolate card is about the size of a business card at 3 3/8th inches by 2 inches by about an 8th of an inch think chocolate then a little less of the white coating on top.  It has a bit of heft to it but I don't know the ounces nor the nutritional values and specific ingredients.    When I take a bite the white top starts to separate from the chocolate which allows to taste both.  The chocolate itself is good quality, milky and smooth, a nice cocoa kick.  The white coating does not taste like dyes, as promised, but it also doesn't taste particularly sweet and has a aftertaste I'm not fond of.  Eating both together really tones down the quality of the chocolate and seems to build up that aftertaste.

Chocolate Says It All is a fairly new company so I hope they take this review as not just honest but also helpful.  I think if you got one of their more chocolate collection gifts where the printed pieces are only the center with a message surrounded by truffles then this could be a good gift.  By itself, the printed pieces just do not taste as good as they could.  If the coating could be much thinner this would allow more of the good milk chocolate to come through.  I don't think even a very dark chocolate could compete well with the coating; that is the negative right now for these products.

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