Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February Chocolate 2012

The entire month is a Chocolate Celebration literally called the "Celebration of Chocolate Month!"

You ready to celebrate every day not just these special fun food holidays, Sisters and Brothers?

February 1 = National Dark Chocolate Day -- 70% and above for your Chocolate Priestess is best

February 5 = National Chocolate Fondue Day -- potentially romantic, too

February 5/6 =  World Nutella Day -- a fairly new "day" which I've found listed on both dates; I say we declare it for the 6th since fondue day is already on the 5th

February 9 = Chocolate Day -- what a boring name but hey it is what it is and it is chocolate

February 11 = National Peppermint Patty Day -- very common flavor combination that your Chocolate Priestess prefers with darker chocolate

February 14 = Valentine's Day (in some places) OR National Cream Filled Chocolate Day -- again with the doubling up, I don't like it, lots of other days to celebrate on

February 19 = National Chocolate Mint Day -- yes, mint is not the same as peppermint so you can have both in one month I think

February 25 = National Chocolate Covered Nuts Day -- tree nuts, I think, not peanuts

February 28 = National Chocolate Soufflé Day -- Should I try to make one this year?

I wonder if anything special might happen because it is a leap year?  Suggestions, everyone?

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