Saturday, February 25, 2012

240 Sweet Hot Cocoa

You know that 240Sweet makes artisan marshmallows if you've been reading us for a while because we've done at least two features about their creations.  Now they have a new chocolate product that was perfectly timed for this backlash of cold weather where your Chocolate Priestess lives: Hot Cocoa Mix.  This is the "Ultra Rich Blend" that comes in an 8oz bag that looks exactly like the bags their artisan marshmallows come in when you order them.  As you can see it also came with a mug, this is the front and I'll show you the back at the end of today's Saturday Sacrament.

The mix has extra "bruté" cocoa powder, milk chocolate cocoa powder, chocolate chips (mini), chocolate shavings, powdered milk, powdered beet sugar, more chocolate shavings (?), Tahitian vanilla beans, cornstarch, and spices.  You can see the mini chips the shavings a bit in this photo to the left.

There was also this, which I'm not sure what it is but I took it out of the mix before adding water.  It could be a dried up vanilla bean and if it is, that alone is almost the cost of one bag of mix making this a very good deal for you, the buyer, but I'm not sure such a great deal for the company.

I followed the directions for making hot chocolate but found it to be very weak.  I ended up just mixing the bulk of the bag in with 5 cups of boiling water and that made an excellent rich, creamy, and incredibly chocolaty cup for breakfast.  The spices are very subtle so I can't say for certain what is in there but nothing "hot" in and of itself.  The directions on the bag also say you an make a fondue with hit but I didn't try that so I cannot evaluate it.  If you make it as I did it will also have a very strong slightly dark cocoa scent.  At the end of one mug I had a nice cocoa buzz as well, you know the feelings that rise up and make you feel a bit light headed as opposed to a sugar rush that speeds downward into your body.  As you can see it frothed up a bit even when I poured it from the bigger contained I mixed it in into the mug.  Now if I had only had some marshmallows to put it in too!

240Sweet adds to their impressive list of artisan marshmallows with this line of cocoa mixes.  The different chocolates involved and their ease of turning into a smooth drink make this "Ultra Rich Blend" a worthy Sacrament.  In fact, out of all the hot cocoa and hot chocolate mixes we've been sent for review since we started The Chocolate Cult back in February of 2009, this may be the best yet; of course I did it slightly different from the directions so keep that in mind.  I'm told that 240Sweet is having a bit of slow season right now so I know they'd be thrilled if you checked them out and dropped them line either with an order or at the very least to let him know what you think of their flavors.  Cocoa may be best in cold weather but it can be enjoyed year round, too, just like coffee or hot tea.


Purabi Naha said...

Amazing!! I loved this cup og goodness!

briarrose said...

Delicious hot always hits the spot.

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Thank you both for reading and commenting. I like to also support state artisans when I can and 240Sweet is one of those companies.

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