Monday, February 13, 2012

Chocolate! Chocolate! 2012 Review

Yesterday as a pre-Valentine's Day treat for myself and my hubby we went to Chocolate! Chocolate! for the second time.  Last year had been our first time and some of you may remember I did a photo review of the event afterwards.  Today I'm doing the same thing.

This event benefits the Brown County Humane Society here in Indiana and it the organization that puts on the Chocolate Walk that we attend as a group each year in November.  This event's chocolate is made by the organizations volunteers and was in the The Seasons Lodge in Nashville, Indiana, up in the conference building at the top of the hill just like last year.  We got there a bit before it opened and others were all ready waiting in line. I noticed that there were not many pre-sales when I collected our tickets but over the course of 2.5 hours that we were there, I saw at least 250 people walk through the doors.  We took our time and as you'll see I ate so much I needed to take that time.  Plus we were hoping that there might be B&B auction items but the only thing close was one place and it had to be used by the end of March -- we have our 20th anniversary at the end of May so we are looking for ways to celebrate without breaking the bank.  But back to Chocolate! Chocolate!

Row of Treats Display Tables

The layout was excellent this year with most of the treats along one wall but on tables that were turned a bit so it made a very good display.  The flow of traffic and the amount of tables then were both greatly improved.  Don't let this photo fool you; I took my photos early so I'd have better shots but it got packed.

Here are some close ups of some of the treats on the table.  Notice how items were presented on the table but also on raised displays.

Table One's Selection

 These dipped cherries just really caught my eye so I took a photo of them with my new cellphone that has a camera.  This means I'll be taking more "live" photos for you all in the future if you think these turned out all right.
Dipped Cherries in two colors

One display table was in the center again and this one had nothing but mini-cupcakes of a fairly wide range of flavors.  Each obviously had chocolate either in the cake or the frosting. 

I admit that I let my Moderation go to the side for this event but at least I did spread it out for 2.5 hours, right?  No, I pigged out.  So let me show you what I got.  I had only three of the mini-cupcakes and you can see them here.

Between this first plate and my second, my husband told me that his tree nuts allergy had been triggered by something he ate.  Now we try to be very careful with that but one of the challenges of an event like this is that the person who made the treat may not be there to answer your questions and not every ingredient in a recipe is in the name.  Each treat did have a name tag.

We got him some ice cream, I didn't have any myself, we were trying to not eat or drink the same items so we could compare without eating even more, and that seemed to help for some reason.

Hhmmm...... I don't like these photos.  They look much blurrier than they did on the cellphone or on my computer.  Is blogspot degrading the photos?  Anyone else having this problem?

Anyway that was this year's Chocolate! Chocolate! and for an organization that had to euthanize less than 2% of the animals they try to find homes for in 2011, I think it is an excellent organization to support.

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