Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chocolate Spoons #1

Have you heard of chocolate spoons, Sisters and Brothers? They are also called chocolate coffee spoons or simply coffee spoons followed by a flavor since primarily they are marketed as a way to add some chocolate to a cup of coffee.  Since your Chocolate Priestess is not a coffee drinker I had never heard of these before I received two different sets of chocolate spoons (from two companies and two different brands) to do a featured review of for all of you.  Our first set comes via whose ad you can see in the right hand column.  Remember using the ads helps support us here on The Chocolate Cult allowing us to bring more great products and events to your attention.

The spoons are another product from Slitti whose chocolate we've looked at before, just in the past month I believe.  The box is rather elegant I think though the label is a bit busy but then you know exactly what you are getting from it.  The spoons are larger than what the label shows; a rarity because I am often disappointed by the size of the chocolates compared to the images we see on the boxes or websites or catalogues.

The 1.76oz box has six spoons in all as you can see here to the left.  These are dark chocolate fondente, 60% cacao, and covered with bitter cocoa powder of 24-26% cacao.  It also has sugar, cocoa butter, and vanilla -- no dairy, no soy, these are naturally vegan and allergen free unless you are allergic to our Sacred Substance but then I'm not sure why you'd be reading this post.  There are two other varieties of these spoons -- vanilla and hazelnut.

I tested these with five other people -- sharing chocolate = moderation of what we eat + a purpose -- and everyone liked them a lot.  All agreed that the cocoa dusting got on our fingers.  The spoons also have a bit of heft to them.  These are 4.5 inches long and 0.25 inches thick at their narrowest point (the spoon head) and 0.5 inches thick at the end of the handle.

Not as large as your average spoon you might use to stir coffee or hot chocolate with but if you wait until those are cool enough to drink you can do a bit of stirring with them.  The point is that they will melt and as they do they crank up the chocolate level of whatever you are drinking.  The group tried it with several varieties but I used the French Vanilla hot chocolate because it has a very strong vanilla flavor and a weak chocolate one so I could gauge how the spoon changes the flavor.  Advice: As you stir the spoon will break apart at some point from the motion and the heat.  Use another spoon to continue stirring -- no not another chocolate one a regular spoon -- to make sure it all gets melted and blended into your hot drink.  I noticed that once melted it darkened the color of my French Vanilla cocoa considerably.  It also increased the cocoa scent a good deal because it really didn't have much of a chocolaty fragrance before.  Taking a sip turned into taking a bit swallow because now the chocolate was on an even keel with the vanilla.  Those who had more chocolaty flavors to begin with told me that it made it darker and even creamier which surprised given that there is no dairy or soy.  All six of us to tried these really enjoyed using them and thought the flavor was excellent.  This Slitti chocolate spoons are a worthy Sacrament to enjoy on a chilly morning or cold evening.

These Slitti Coffee Spoons Chocolate were invented in 1993 by Chef Andrea Slitti.  While he may have geared them toward coffee drinkers, they can add chocolate to almost any thing warm enough to melt them.  They aren't solid enough to eat a more solid food with but on their own they have a nice dark kick to them though we'd all agree they were ideal in a hot beverage.  We have another set of chocolate spoons to look at a bit later, I hope the weather stays cool enough for it with all the holiday features we've had, and we'll have to compare those to these form Slitti so keep checking back for our reviews every week.  If you want to check these chocolate spoons out yourself, and I do urge you to do so, Sisters and Brothers, don't forget that we have a special deal from just for The Chocolate Cult that you can see below.

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briarrose said...

These are just fun. Love them.

TheChocolatePriestess said...

They were fairly fun to use. We'll see how the next set is. Who knew it would be raining chocolate spoons this year?

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