Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Cocoa Station" in Kirby's Epic Yarn

I haven't done a video review yet on the Chocolate Cult.  I've looked at books, TV shows, movies, even board games but not video games yet there are some that have chocolate in them or which are created around chocolate themes.  I have to finish that Chocolatier series!

Two weekends ago my husband came back from his lunch with his friends and from going shopping at Sam's Club.  Besides milk and a few other things we needed in bulk or at a slightly better price he also brought back two video games for our Wii.  I just looked at him but I was willing to try them IF we had other chores done first.  One of the games I can't yet do because of my arm -- dancing games where I hold the remote and flail around are a big no no if I want to get a full recovery here.  The other was I was suspicious about because I really dislike platform games.  (A platform game, for those who do not know, is one with a lot of jumping from one one ledge to another.)

This platform game is Kirby's Epic Yarn, a highly rated game by the gaming industry.  At least my husband looks up rating before just spending money on game, huh?  Some of you may know the Kirby character as a pink blob that sucks enemies into himself to gain their abilities but in this game he is made of yarn, he can't suck anyone in because he has no air or lungs.  The game has a male voiceover that narrates things between levels and adventures.  His tone and the words really make it feel like it is geared toward kindergardeners but I'm curious to how well such a child could do on some of these levels.  Or maybe I'm just not very good at platform games? (Duh, this the great dislike for them!)

What does this have to do with chocolate?  The fourth land you open, "Treats Land", has one area called "Cocoa Station" that is all about chocolate in various forms.  Interestingly it does not have as much visible treats but they are all some time of chocolate or chocolate colored items.  The down side is that you are immediately turned into a train and you have to go through the game as a team meaning that I can easily mess things up and my husband gets grumpy I get frustrated.  I don't play games to get frustrated, do you?  There are no enemies attacking you but it is still very challenging because you have to navigate by drawing line every where.  No, it didn't allow my husband to only draw them, sigh.  Each level in an area has three objects you need to find. In this case a music disc (not chocolate specific really), an Choco Ottoman, and a Chocolate Bar.

Here's one reviewer's guide to this part of the game.  I choose to share this one because it was more straight forward review and not criticism.

I have to agree with many of the reviews for this level -- the train is difficult, the tracks are hard to draw straight, even my video game fanatic hubby struggled, being one thing was a bit boring, but also for "Cocoa Station" it really needed a lot more chocolate throughout. How about hot cocoa waterfalls or truffles you have to push around or some of the other chocolate items from other levels?  We haven't finished the game yet, but if I see any more chocolate levels I'll let you know.

Anyone else out there play this game?  What did you think of this level?

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