Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Choco Celebrations 2012

So tonight, or yesterday evening since I bet most will see this on the 15th, I made a lot of treats for my Valentines -- I have two!  Ok, I made two of the three things that I had out for us of a dessert nature.

The first was this cake and a dozen cupcakes -- not chocolate, per request.  Frankly why do I love this boy when he isn't terribly fond of chocolate? Oh, yes, cause we never have to compete for the chocolate!  No, that's just a reason I discovered long after I'd fallen in love.  The cake in the center is just a sort-of heart shape, the cake fluffed up a bit much in the baking, with vanilla frosting and red sugar sprinkles. The cupcakes are the same flavor but on nine of them I tried this Lucky brand edible decoration sheet. Nine?  Why would you make cupcake decorations in a set of nine?  I mean, come on, you make usually 12-24 cupcakes, don't you?  So I had to use the last of my cinnamon drops on the left over three.

Then I set out a bowl (heart shaped of course) of the Hershey's Valentine's Mix that I bought at the same time as the edible decoration sheet.  I ate none of these.  Really, I ate none of them. I also ate none of the cake or cupcakes but that's not too surprising given their white/vanilla nature.  With all of the higher end chocolates I've been revealing to you all for Valentine's Day why would I even buy this bag?  To be blunt, I had a coupon that made this free so I thought I'd get it.  I think the guys ate a few pieces and then I put them away. Normally I try to focus our junk and sweet food consumption to Saturday -- thus the creation of the Saturday Sacrament, sisters and brothers.

I did finally make something chocolate.  Remember that chocolate heart box from Taraluna that I reviewed?  I saved the chocolate box and used the two heart pieces as bowls. Then starting last night I followed the directions for our new ice cream maker.  The last one we were sent to review was an utter failure.  This one I earned via the various surveys I filled out but I was hoping it would at least work. Now it makes a soft serve variety and it worked. It worked!  Check it out.  That's my bowl with ice cream.  I actually ate only 2/3 of the ice cream I made for myself and gave the other 1/3 to my hubby who wanted more.  You have to make it one serving at a time but dang this machine thinks you should eat a lot.  The chocolate bowl is made by Sjaak's so it was very creamy and also highly vanilla in flavor plus very cold from the ice cream which itself was very chocolate intense in flavor.

What chocolatey adventure did you have yesterday, Sisters and Brothers?


Bridget said...

So pretty!

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Thank you, Bridget.

It was fun to do though a bit tiring still on my arm. But that is getting better everyone.

Christine's Pantry said...


TheChocolatePriestess said...

Thank you, Christine! Hope your Valentine's was relaxing.

Guru Uru said...

Everything looks simply stunning and chocolatey :D

Choc Chip Uru
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TheChocolatePriestess said...

Thanks for commenting, Guru Uru, but the cupcakes and cake were not chocolate plus we really don't like people leaving links in comments. If you do it again, I'll need to delete the comment.

So please keep reading and commenting but no links in them.

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