Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Cadbury Easter

My UK readers will know Cadbury and I think a fair number of my North American readers will as well.  Cadbury is a fairly old name in chocolate.  Today, in time for Easter we're going to look at two treats I found in our nearby stores.  One of them is the Cadbury Egg and one is a Milk Chocolate Bunny.  I found these are our Target store, I didn't see them any where else and that surprised me given how popular the Eggs generally are.

But then I'm not talking about the Creme Eggs because I have a shocker for you, Sisters and Brothers -- I don't like them.  Perhaps that doesn't shock you if you've been reading this blog for some time.  What does your Chocolate Priestess primarily judge all treats sent to or given to her plus the ones she buys?  Chocolate!  I want my chocolate to be chocolaty and it gets the highest marks for not just tasty but also something creates a buzz or high from the chemicals in our Sacred Substance.  Milk Chocolate rarely does that but let's give Cadbury two tries to do that to me today.

Cadbury came out some time back with several varieties of their very popular creme eggs and of those varieties my favorite was the Caramel Egg.  I couldn't find these and I couldn't find them so when I saw them in Target I snatched one four-pack up.  The box has four servings, one egg per serving, which has 170 calories made up of 4.5g saturated fat, less than 5mg cholesterol, 45mg sodium, 15g sugars, and 2g protein.  This has chocolate and cocoa butter but very oddly also added oils and high fructose corn syrup according to the label.  If soy is a serious problem you should know it also has soy lecithin.  The egg is large and has a star pattern on front.  It has both a cocoa and a caramel smell before I take a bite.  The caramel inside is oozing out and surprising not as sweet as I was expecting but then we've had caramels with a lot more sugars, haven't we?  I still like these a lot because the milk chocolate can hold it's own with the caramel.

There are three types of chocolate bunnies in the world -- hollow, partial filled, and solid.  Of course they can vary by type of chocolate and anything that is added to them.  I found this solid 6oz Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bunny in Target and it was less than half the price of a hollow bunny by another company that was only 1oz larger.  Of course you know which one I bought, the better buy.  This bunny is a good size at 5.25 inches long, 3 inches at the widest part, and 1.25 inches at it's thickest part.  Of course it has dairy and soy lecithin, doesn't every milk chocolate product?  It also has cocoa butter and NO added oils.  While the Egg was made in Canada for the Hershey Company, this was made in the USA in Hershey itself.  One bunny is 4 servings so the entire thing, cause I know you will eat or want to eat the entire thing, has 880 calories, 32g saturated fat, 40mg cholesterol, 160mg sodium, less than 4g fiber, 96g sugars, and 16g protein.  Yeah, if you eat this entire don't be gorging yourself on other things this Easter, please.  Moderation, remember?

I said it was a better buy, but was it?  Let's take a bite and find out.  It has good chocolate but also creamy scent to it and it feels cool in my hands.  I take one bite, I take one to two bites when I do any review for you, Sisters and Brothers.  It makes a soft snap when I bite off the top of the ears.  The flavor is very creamy, a hint of almost vanilla though none is listed, but the cocoa is there underneath it all.  It is a bit too milky for me but I was expecting that so I can say to my Milk Chocolate Lovers, give this a try.


Guru Uru said...

Yum I love easter bunnies :D
And cadbury is definitely one of the best!
What a beautiful bunny pick :)
And my favourite type is solid - go figure ;)

Choc Chip Uru
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TheChocolatePriestess said...

Solid bunnies can be a challenge to eat but if they are good chocolate then it is worth the work. I think that the one from Taraluna just this past Saturday is much better than this.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

TammyJo Eckhart said...

Please no ads in the comments, shi zhan, I have to delet posts with ads especially if I can't read them.

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