Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Peeps & Whoppers Easter 2012

To start off the general product reviews for 2012's Easter, let's look at two treats: Peeps and Whoppers.  This review was pre-written around Easter last year so you'll need to tell me, Sisters and Brothers, if you have seen these treats this year.

Peeps are those color marshmallow treats that I always saw around Easter time and then no other.  In the past decade they've started making Peeps for Halloween, Christmas, even Valentine's Day but Easter is where they started.  Two years ago I saw them start to add chocolate to their treats.  Last year, I found this "Dark Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Mousse flavored Marshmallow".  How's that for a long name?  The figure here is weird looking, I have to pretend it's a chick or duck or whatever.  It is made with real dark chocolate plus cocoa and two of them, they came in a 2-pack is one serving so having one, which is what I did has 55 calories primarily composed of sugars.  I shared the other with our Milk Chocolate Acolyte and he said "Nicely done, Peeps" when he tried it.  I tried the marshmallow part separately and I thought it was grainy in texture but it did have a light mousse like flavor underneath the intense sugar.  The dark chocolate on the bottom was nicely bitter and the dominant flavor once I had that point.  I'd agree this was "nice" but not great.

Whoppers are not something I associate with Easter, with any holiday really.  I associate them with movie theaters because that's where I always saw them.  I associate them with our White Chocolate Acolyte who loves them almost more than white chocolate.  For Easter they've made these very vaguely shaped egglike versions that are about 1 inch long.  I found them in a 10oz bag with 7 servings of 12 eggs each.  Eating one is like 16 calories.  This one that I tried tasted exactly like a Whopper should -- big on the malted flavor with a nice foundation of milk chocolate which reflects the artificial flavors not the chocolate since the only cacao product in here is cocoa the fifth ingredient on the list.  They didn't even use cocoa butter but added oils.  For shame!

Have you seen this yet in your stores, Sisters and Brothers?  If you have had them, what is your impression of their flavor and chocolate content?


Guru Uru said...

We actually do not get these in Aus so I will have to make do with the regular kind! Your review is gereat though and these look too cute :D

Choc Chip Uru
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TheChocolatePriestess said...

I've seen only a few of the chocolate version around this year. My guess is that like me, chocolate lovers weren't thrilled and peeps lovers don't want the chocolate.

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