Saturday, March 24, 2012

Totally Chocolate Easter Basket

Taraluna has a close relationship with Sjaak's and this means they carry a lot of Sjaak's products day in and day out, but especially for the holidays.  Easter 2012 is no exception and they sent us this adorable little Easter basket made by Sjaak's.  As you can see it is a milk chocolate basket, a milk chocolate bunny, and in this photo you see two of the three milk chocolate eggs as well as a few strands of the green recycled paper used for "grass" holding them all up.

The basket may seem small at 3.25 X 2 X 2.5 inches but it is solid milk chocolate made the Sjaak's way -- certified organic and fair trade, no artificial ingredients. It has been moled to resemble a wooden basket to some degree.

The bunny is 1.75 X 1 X2.5 inches and he is a milk chocolate shell over a milk chocolate filling.  This bunny is crouching down, his ears back, and there is seem running along his back wehre the two pieces were put together.  This is similar to the dark bunny you can find online as well.

The eggs are also milk chocolate shells over milk chocolate filling and they measure about 1 inch long and about 0.75 diameter at their widest.  They are wrapped in blue, pink, and magenta foil.  As you can see they have a cracked shell pattern on them.  There are also dark chocolate versions of these you might want to check out.

Since this is a retailer feature not a chocolatier feature, I'll just say that the milk chocolate is the exact quality I expect from Sjaak's -- creamy yet very much chocolate, with a strong cocoa fragrance, that melts slowly in your mouth because of its purity.

Taraluna is a great woman-owned business where everything they sell in turns empowers those people who make the items you buy.  Whether it is chocolate or something else, we have never had a bad product from Taraluna.  I urge you all, Sisters and Brothers, to check them out and seriously consider buying this completely chocolate Easter basket.  While it may seem small, it is delicious from start to finish and the "grass" is recyclable or better yet, reusable for other decorating needs you may have later in the year or even next Easter.  Taraluna also has Easter items that are not chocolate in case you are interested in that as well.


Christine's Pantry said...

Can hardly believe Easter is right around the corner... time goes by fast. As always, another great post.

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Thanks for reading and commenting, Christine.

After a very busy Christmas and Valentine's I'm actually deeply disappointed that we only have two Easter features... very odd. This one from Taraluna and the one from PastaCheese last week; both are retailers, too.

But I'm having several other regular reviews about Easter items I found last year that I bet are still around.

Guru Uru said...

This is so cute - chocolate inside chocoalte? Does it get any better :D

Choc Chip Uru

TheChocolatePriestess said...

For me it could only be better by being dark chocolate.... maybe with the filling being a milk chocolate?

Thanks for reading and commenting, Choc Chip Uru

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