Saturday, May 19, 2012

4 More Chocolate Bars from Taraluna

Taraluna holds a special place in our hearts because they embrace the ideals of fair trade, female empowerment, and organic chocolate by choosing only quality products to sell in their online shop.  They do not have very much chocolate in the catalog and it changes with the seasons but they always have bars from Sjaak's.  We've looked at some of these bars in the past but today we're going to look at four more chocolate bars that they sell.  Reminder: This is a retail feature so we won't spend as much time describing the bars below as we would if Sjaak's sent them to us for a feature.

We'll start with the Milk Chocolate with Almond Butter bar one of several organic chocolate bars that Taraluna sells.  So many things can be turned into "butter" but almonds are a more direct variant on peanut butter though if you are allergic to tree nuts, you don't want this.  You can tell this is almond from the flavor but otherwise is has the same texture as peanut butter and blends well with the milk chocolate. Word of caution: almond butters do not last as long as peanut butters in my experience so prepare to eat this sooner than the next bar.

Next let's try the Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter bar as a comparison to our first chocolate bar today; you can select from several organic chocolate bars online at Taraluna.  This looks almost identical to the previous almond butter bar but it has a strong roasted peanut scent.  For our readers outside America you may wonder "what's up with all the peanut butter?" Well, it grows very well around here and some time back a very smart scientist, George Washington Carver, discovered a lot of uses for this little legume or bean.  We've been crazy about it since then but it is an acquired taste. Unlike the almond though this creamy center overwhelms the milk chocolate.

Then I got a bit of help with the Raspberry Truffle bar. Normally I'd ask our Fruit Acolyte but our Milk Chocolate Acolyte loves raspberries while he is still quite picky about them and since I could get in touch with him faster, here's what he has to say: This is more a dark chocolate raspberry meaning that the raspberry is a sweet taste between the dark chocolate bitterness and the sugar that I can taste, too.  Not a jelly just a thin paste like raspberry layer in a fudgelike center.

Finally the Dark Chocolate with Creamy Caramel bar so we are ending on the deepest cocoa flavor possible. This is one of the vegan bars you can select in Taraluna's online catalog.  The other three bars all had semi-solid, creamy centers in some form but this is a caramel that oozed out as soon as I broke off two pieces as  you can see in the photo.  The caramel is very sweet not tangy but it in no way overpowers the dark chocolate.  This is my favorite bar of this foursome that we were sent.

There we are.  More great fair trade and organic chocolate options you can get from Taraluna while you support small businesses and women around the world.  Why would you not want to check out all of the neat things that Taraluna has to offer?  They always earn a right to be called a Worthy Retailer if you are looking for great Sacrament choices you can enjoy with a happy conscious.


CJ - Food Stories said...

Thx for connecting with me on foodbuzz. I just subscribed to your blog feed and can't wait to see what your next post will be!

TammyJo Eckhart said...

Thanks for commenting, CJ-FoodStories. Comments are are real income here since we charge for nothing we do so please do keep commenting.

Kim Bee said...

That raspberry one has my name all over it.

TammyJo Eckhart said...

Kim Bee, all of you, you should give Taraluna a chance. As with most small independent companies they could use the business. At least click the links and look at what they have, you'll make them feel great.

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