Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nutella Lawsuit

Nutella, so many of us have used it and you can find recipes using it all over the place.  I'm the only one in my family who can use it, you've seen my regular review of it in the past I'm sure, so I don't buy it often but I do buy it maybe 2-3 times a year when I have a coupon and it is on sale.

Have you heard about this lawsuit against Nutella?  No?  Then you should check it out here.  I get a lot of news from Huff Post because it tends more toward my personal political leanings but they still have good news.  This lawsuit is about misleading nutritional claims and is valid in California and then the rest of the USA, too, for a certain time period only.

Read this information carefully to figure out if you can file a claim and how to do so.  This is time-limited so check it out today.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to see the documents you'll need to use.

I used the online form myself and filed for 4 jars, I may have bought 5 but I know for certain I bought 4 jars just in the last two years.  If I need to provide receipts I'd rather not over estimate.  The form didn't ask for receipts but who knows what they might ask for later.

Now that this information is in your hands, I want to know what you think about this issue involving Nutella.

Do you pay that much attention to the ingredients and nutritional information when you buy such a product?

Do you think that commercials are by and large truthful?


Bridget said...

Sometimes I wonder, I mean its sugar. Who thinks that is healthy?

TammyJo Eckhart said...

Bridget, thanks for reading and commenting.

Sugar isn't unhealthy, our bodies need some sugar to function but we get so much of it in so many different forms that it can be too much especially if you have other health issues.

I think the problem was with implications in the ads that somehow having the hazelnuts made it healthier... I'm not sure. In my house, tree nuts means I'm the only one that can have it and I use it rarely.

The Amazing Barry said...

I always found it funny on the commercial that they say it has "just a hint of chocolate." Really?! I wonder what their concept of a lot of chocolate is.

I hope they aren't surprised that they are being sued. I love Nutella, but the idea that it is anything other than an indulgence is ridiculous.

TammyJo Eckhart said...

Amazing Barry, thanks for reading and commenting.

Dark chocolate in it's pure form and higher cacao content can be healthy in moderation, you could melt it to spread on your bread if you wanted to do so, but yes if you look at the label and the ingredients you can see that Nutella is not a sit down and chow down food.

Everything in moderation.

Kim Bee said...

This is interesting. I just hopped on the Nutella bandwagon recently. Had never tried it before. But I don't get why anyone would believe it's healthy. Even if it's promoted that way. It's like those ads that say I can look like a supermodel if I use this exercise dvd. I don't actually believe it. I'm floored there's a lawsuit. Don't ya love the Huff. Such cool info. I love stopping by here. You are always cluing me into things I did not know about. Let me know if you find anything out about biscoff. I just jumped on that bandwagon too. Lol.

TammyJo Eckhart said...

This was a lucky break for me to find this out, Kim. I listen to NPR almost every morning and they had a very short story about this so I went looking for information. The Huff post had more and the links so I used them.

Lisa Kaye said...

Okay, I double checked the ad and nowhere did the word "healthy" come up. Anyone who buys something based solely on the advertisements is setting themselves up for a fall. Read the labels, people. Sugar and palm oil are the first two ingredients.

Sorry for the rant but these kinds of lawsuits really get me amped up.

TammyJo Eckhart said...

Don't fret, Lisa, I want to get you all inspired to comment and I'm glad you did.

I don't know if it is the current ad we see on TV or another one. From the documents I could find it didn't link to any particular ad. You'd think after the suit came out, they'd change their marketing approach though.

S.V. said...

I find the law suit completely ridiculous! I watched the commercial and they don't say it's healthy. They say that it's a way to get your kids to eat whole grain waffles or toast. It's like a sugary cereal commercial that stipulates said cereal is "part" of a nutritious breakfast. Shown with toast and orang juice, but lets be honest does any right minded parent think feeding their kids sugar cereal nutritious?

TammyJo Eckhart said...

S.V. thanks for leaving a comment and thinking about this. I'm not sure the ads we see now are the ones the lawsuit would be about. Lawsuits take years usually to run their course.

If I was sued over an ad, I'd replace it just to remove the company from the association but that still doesn't invalidate a suit because that's based on events in the past.

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