Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chocolate In Indianapolis 2: The Chocolate Cafe

The second chocolate shop we found on our anniversary trip to Indianapolis was the Chocolate Cafe on the Monument Circle; an area of Indy that looks much bigger on TV than in person.  We walked there from our hotel and the weather had radically changed in the course of our trip.  On Monday it had been in the low 90s, insane for the end of May, but by Friday afternoon when we visited here it was in the mid 60s.  The photos you'll see are taken with my camera phone and I can't use all I took simply because one or two didn't turn out very well.  Having a camera on my phone is very convenient but not as high quality as lugging my other camera around.

We went inside and immediately to our left is this bear that the regional and store managers told us that everyone loves to touch.  Yes, we were lucky to meet both the store manager and the regional manager for The South Bend Chocolate Company, the Chocolate Cafe is one of their storefronts.  If you live in Indiana the gold packets and the boxes may look familiar to you.

Next to this display is another with all of their gift baskets as you can see in this next photography.

The managers also gave us a gift basket and we'll be revealing all of those goodies to you in the months ahead on three different Saturday Sacraments.  I'll have a better photo when we do the feature with these.

They don't only have chocolates for sale at this shop. They also have ice cream, not made by them but also from a state manufacturer and you know that when we can support smaller businesses we love to do that here so we also love companies that turn to other local or regional businesses as well. The chairs and tables you see are throughout the shop not just here or outside as you saw in the first photo.

But if you go to a chocolate shop you want something to eat that is chocolate, right, made right there on premises or by the company.  I had to take this photo because their chocolate dipped strawberries looked like the best I'd ever seen even though I didn't try one.

We did try two of their hot chocolates with cream and cherries that were whipped up right there in the shop.  Remember when I said it was a bit chilly, we drank these for a bit at the cafe tables near the front door then continued to sip on our walk back.  These were great -- the chocolate was very deep and intense, so much that the cocoa flavor came through the heat.  Once outside it cooled down a bit and we could really taste the chocolate, barely dulled down at all by the melted cream.

You can choose from their chocolate individually at this main display case in the front where there are also a few cafe tables and chairs.

When you go to check out there are, as in all chocolate and candy shops, more things to attract your attention before you ring up the bill.  Of course here you can pay for your drinks or you ice cream at other cashiers as well.  This is good because as large as the place is inside, while we were there it got a bit crowded in the front area a few times.

I want to thank the regional and store managers for showing us around, letting us take photos, answering our questions, and giving us the gift basket.  Stay tuned, Sisters and Brothers for three featured reviews starting in July on the goodies from said basket.  If you are near Monument Circle or have visited before, let us know what you think of the Chocolate Cafe.


Guru Uru said...

What a fabulous chocolate experience my friend :D


TammyJo Eckhart said...

I had sent emails to all the places and we heard back from two but since we were downtown we decided to try this place enough though they had not replied. I'm glad we did. They have other Chocolate Cafes around the region, too.

mavido79 said...

One of the advantages to living in Indy and (formerly) working downtown was the occasional visit to The Chocolate Cafe. I've never had anything here that I didn't like. I highly recommend their mint hot chocolate (I think it's called the LaSalle) on a cold day.

TammyJo Eckhart said...

I know that their candies that are chocolate and mint are called LaSalle so it would make sense for the hot chocolate version to be called that as well.

Have you been to the Abbott's Also store we looked at last week, mavido79?

Prabhuraj Manvi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
TammyJo Eckhart said...

The previous comment was deleted because it was basically an advertisement, not even for chocolate!

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