Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chocolate in Indianapolis 3: Best Chocolate in Town

When you name your business The Best Chocolate in Town several things should be true.  First, you better had darned good chocolate.  Second, you need confidence to promote your products.  Third, your chocolate better stand on equal footing to if not surpass all the other chocolate shops in town. For small towns with one candy or chocolate shop, that's easy but we found and visited three such places in Indianapolis and there were three more we didn't visit this time not to mention the ones in the mall I talked about a few years back.  We visited Elizabeth Garber's shop on Massachusetts Avenue on Saturday morning but we didn't drive this time, too tired from days of walking on our anniversary trip.

Mass Avenue is known for quirky shops and artistic flare but getting there can be a bit of a trick given the layout of Indy in that eastern section of downtown.  We parked across the street and made sure to have at least half an hour in our meter so we could meet Elizabeth and see her shop.  While she bagged up a bunch of goodies you saw half of in last weekend's Saturday Sacrament, we talked about the shop and looked around.

The first thing you see is the checkout counter where you can also see one candy making area to the left, ice cream to the immediate right and a bit into their onsite kitchen.  Their ice cream comes from a local Indy company but we didn't try any that day.   We had a museum to get to that morning when it opened.

The onsite kitchen is back here and I met one of the folks who help Elizabeth make the candy as well as process any online orders they get.  On this morning when we visited, two employees were with Elizabeth and she was able to give us her attention.

The main display is for their unique truffles as well as speciality treats.  I was told the color schemes we see are going to be changed as the company rebrands but I really like this, don't you?

They also have a display for boxed and bagged treats you can buy just in case you want it to look more traditional or you have limited time and know what you want.

One of the things that caught my eye was this area for book donations.  This shop collects books for the Indianapolis community reading program, Indy Reads.  We never discriminate here on The Chocolate Cult, if you make chocolate, big or small, local or across the world, we give everyone a fair chance.  But those companies that put back into their communities either by getting their supplies or extra products from other local or regional communities always get a shout out and this charity support goes one step further.  So bring a book you don't want anymore when you visit and drop it off then get some chocolate.

The Best Chocolate in Town has a cute shop that you should go check out if you are on Mass Avenue in Indy, even if you aren't, still try to find it and pop in and say "hi" and I'm sure you'll see a lot of wonderful treats to tempt you.


Guru Uru said...

This shop is so adorable :D
I like how it has great community spirit and chocolate!

Choc Chip Uru

TammyJo Eckhart said...

All three of the shops we visited in Indy were adorable and the people very nice. But since we try to highlight those spiritual or social qualities as well in our little "cult" I thought Best Chocolate in Town earned recognition for helping this reading program.

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