Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Kit Kat Song Composer Interview

Have you seen the video "The Kit Kat Song," Sisters and Brothers?  No?  You need to watch this first then I have an interview with the composer and singer of this song by jammiesammy or Samantha Sweetland as fans of her music know her.

Through various degrees of separation I learned about this song and made contact with the composer/singer.  Here is our interview, please leave comments to let Sammy know what you think about her video.

What inspired you to make this KitKat video other than a love of KitKats?

The video was a by product of the song I had written.  As I was writing the song I knew I had to make a music video to go with it because it would just add to the humour of the song.  I think what originally kicked started the song was the fact that I could get away with rhyming kitkat with prozac and from that point on the song just flowed out naturally.

For our American readers, the wrappers on your KitKats look quite different.  What exactly is in a KitKat in the UK?  Is it the same as the American one we can buy?

I believe that they're the same thin, other than the wrapper difference. Over here in the UK we also have kitkat chunky, peanut kitkat and dark chocolate kitkat.  Whats strange is you can buy 2 finger kitkats and 4 finger kitkats and the 2 finger kitkats are tinfoil wrapped (which used to be how they all were years ago, but the 4 finger ones are not tinfoil wrapped anymore.

Other than this candy bar, what would you say are your other favorite candies or chocolate treats?

I love galexy chocolate, particularly Ripples, and I adore kinder eggs, because you get a bit of chocolate and a toy to assemble at the same time.

Let's focus now on the video that I've included above for our Sisters and Brothers to enjoy.  How long did it take you to make this particular video?

The video took 2 days, over 400 still photographs were taken over the course of the 2 days and 9 kitkats were used in total.

Wow that is a lot of time.  How many videos had you made prior to this one?

This was the first time I had ever made a stop animation, or any length of video for that matter.

How many videos have you made since this one?

I've made one video since, but I do intend to make a full blown animation for the weirdo song, its just trying to find a gap of time long enough to do it in.

Do you have a formal education in video production or were you self-taught?

I just sort of made it up as I went along *giggles*

What type of computer and video/camera equipment did you use for this project?

It was just a cheap digital camera was used on a tripod over my dining room table. Took a picture, moved the kitkat a little bit and then took another picture.  After about 400 pictures were taken I then pasted them one after another into the free movie maker software on windows.  That was that.

Have the people from KitKat ever contacted you about this video?

Yes, they saw the video and asked for my address where they then sent 48, 4 fingered kitkats in one of the catering sized boxes.  they also put me on their consumer panal so when a new chocolate bar comes out or if they need feedback on a particular chocolate bar, they send surveys to me.

Have you made any other chocolate related videos we here in The Chocolate Cult might be interested in?

No, but i wouldn't rule it out in the future.  I have half a song written thats focusing on my love of chocolate so when that's finished who knows, there probably will be another chocolate video down the line somewhere.

Thank you, Sammy, for talking to The Chocolate Cult today and for brightening our world with your Kit Kat Song.

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