Sunday, June 24, 2012

National Pralines Day 2012

Ah, today, Sisters and Brothers, is National Pralines Day so I thought it was a good time to look at another gift I received... well, I used a gift certificate to buy these but it was a gift certificate back on my birthday  Since it was I didn't just buy chocolates on sale, you know, my normal way of finding products to do regular reviews of for you all.  Nope, I knew I like GuyLian so I bought this little 2.3oz box of their Extra Dark pralinĂ© chocolates.  This way I got fresh chocolate, dark chocolate, hazelnuts, and the cute little shapes, too -- sea shells and seahorses.

Yup these cuties are filled with a chocolate and hazelnut cream under a dark shell. These are molded chocolates, what GuyLian is known for, and their higher cocoa content makes them just perfect for me, a darker chocolate lover.  Healthy?  No!  We've had this conversation before, Sisters and Brothers, healthy chocolate is high cacao content dark chocolate with no extras so these are healthy but they could be worse like made with milk or white chocolate.

Sometimes I get a craving for hazelnuts and these hit the spot over the course of two afternoons -- there are two servings in this little box.   I know I complain a lot about hazelnuts, they can be easily overdone, but these are very well balanced and I think darker chocolate can compete much better with the hazelnut cream than many milk chocolate pralines I've had in the past.  This was a great way to spend some of my birthday money.


Guru Uru said...

Aaaah no one does praline like Guylian - delicious post :D
Thanks for telling the world of this great day!

Choc Chip Uru

TammyJo Eckhart said...

Thanks, Guru Uru. I'm glad I pre-wrote that piece because I'm crazy busy getting ready for two back-to-back conventions the next two weekends.

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