The Chocolate Cult: Cadbury on Ice Cream Bars

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cadbury on Ice Cream Bars

Blue Bunny has teamed up with Cadbury to introduce new ice cream bars this summer.  We were sent free coupons form Blue Bunny to try out even more of their products after they kindly hosted a giveaway last summer.  Last year we looked at 1.75 quart and boxes of various frozen treats from Blue Bunny so we're going to continue that this summer, spreading out the reviews a bit more since it is so hot where we are headquartered and I bet hot where many of you are reading, Sisters and Brothers.  Our nearby store didn't have all four varieties of the Cadbury bars so I picked this Caramello bar for two reasons.  I know what a Caramello bar should taste like so I can do a direct comparison between the candy bar and this ice cream treat.  However I also want to see if the chocolate coating can compete with both the vanilla ice cream and the caramel swirls.

Nutritionally I won't lie to you, the Caramello Ice Cream Bar this isn't a treat you should be eating multiple times a day.  The only upside nutritionally might be the potassium in it but then are you really looking at this bar thinking it will a healthy treat?  No, you are looking at this thinking "I like Caramello candy bars, I wonder if I'll like this?" right?  Well, let's take some bites and find out together.

The first thing I notice is that this has a scent that is unusual for most ice cream especially in terms of chocolate since cold in my experience really dulls the fragrance and often the flavor of our Sacred Substance.  This has a vanilla and creamy chocolate scent almost exactly as I get from a Caramello candy bar.  The bar itself is a bit smaller than other such products measuring only 3 inches long and about 1.5 inches at the width section along the bottom.  If you hold it near to the chocolate on the stick it will melt on your fingers as you eat the rest of the bar.

As with most ice cream products you can't just take your sweet time or it will melt so after giving it a good looking over and sniff, I took a bite that made a nice crunch through the coating.  In the photo to the left you can see the top after I bite some off.  The caramel is there but on another day I tried this treat again (I had to, right, so I could be certain for this review) and peeled off one section of the chocolate coating to show the caramel more clearly in the next photo.

The first flavor is the Cadbury milk chocolate that I believe has a unique flavor combination of chocolate, creaminess edging toward buttery, and vanilla.  Then the vanilla ice cream kicks in heightening the vanilla in the milk chocolate and the sweet tang of the caramel strikes next.  To the right you can see the caramel inside teh vanilla ice cream, note how it has a central point and then swirls out in ribbons that you hits with most bites.   Above and around these flavors remains the Cadbury milk chocolate and this results in an ice cream treat that completely resembles the candy bar as you'd want.  The ice cream's softness is an interesting twist on the normal harder chocolate with sticky caramel and in hot weather this is most welcomed.

In terms of chocolate I'm a bit confused by their label.  It lists a "chocolate flavored coating" but it is made of unsweetened chocolate and cocoa butter both so it might be a legal matter of the amount of chocolate versus other ingredients.  At least they aren't claiming to be something they aren't though I'd say for our definitions there are two types of cacao products and thus this is chocolate.  However, there are also a lot of added oils, fats, flavors, and chemicals and this means it isn't pure enough to really earn sacramental status from us.

There you go, Sisters and Brothers.  If you love Cadbury's Caramello candy bars, you will love this ice cream version from Blue Bunny.


Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey said...

This is my favorite combination...I haven't tried the Blue Bunny/Cadburry version yet.

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Thanks for reading and commenting, Bibi. It was indeed a very good combination.

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