Sunday, July 1, 2012

Chocolate Planner for July 2012

Sorry our planner for July is a bit late, we had a lot of end of June posts.  Remember fun food holidays are for you to use not dates you must celebrate.  All of these you can celebrate with chocolate.  Let  me know if you do.

July = National Ice Cream Month -- Last year you'll recall we have features from four different brands of ice cream, so far this year no one seems interested which I think is very sad.  Blue Bunny even hosted an amazing giveaway. Maybe if you all left more comments companies might be more eager to let themselves be revealed to the world here?

July 1 = Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day -- TODAY! What is the most creative ice cream flavor you've ever had or made?

July 3 = National Chocolate Wafer Day -- Chocolate wafers can be used for so many things.

July 7 = Chocolate Day -- There are several days on various fun holiday lists out there that are call some type of "chocolate day."  Are there too many?

July 8 = National Chocolate with Almonds Day -- Now here's one that is more specific.  What is your favorite chocolate with almonds treat?

July 9 = National Sugar Cookie Day -- Yes, you can make chocolate sugar cookies and you can decorate them with chocolate too.  Just think outside of the label here.

July 12 = National Pecan Pie Day -- I have a friend who makes an amazing chocolate pecan pie... I keep trying to get her to share it with you all.

Third Sunday in July = National Ice Cream Day -- With an entire month celebrating ice cream do we really need a specific day?  Regardless this year this fall on July 15 since the month starts on a Sunday.

July 25 = National Hot Fudge Sundae Day -- That hot fudge will melt your ice cream so be careful how much you add to your bowl in the first place.

July 28 = National Milk Chocolate Day -- We have a Sacrament lined up for this all ready since it falls on a Saturday this year.

July 30 = National Cheesecake Day -- Cheesecakes are versatile, you can add chocolate in so many ways to them.

Sisters and Brothers, I hope this gives you a good head start on July with chocolate.

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