The Chocolate Cult: Good Humor to Deal with the Heat of Summer

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Good Humor to Deal with the Heat of Summer

July is National Ice Cream Month and to start off a summer of ice cream and cold treat features, we have a little something new from Good Humor.  I remember Good Humor as the ice cream brand the neighborhood ice cream trunk carried and until very recently I never saw it anywhere else in the three states I've lived in -- Iowa, New York, and Indiana.  I choose the York variety of the new candy favorites line from Good Humor for two reasons: it has been crazy hot so ice cream is a nice break plus mint tends to make you feel cooler.

Good Humor has a long history, over 90 years of ice cream treats to their name. The ice cream truck though is really how I learned about them and the only place I knew you could get them.  Even though I know that they ship out boxes of their treats to grocery stores, those nearest us, rarely had the brand or only one or two varieties.  Luckily their newest treats, a trio of candy bar favorites including Mounds, Reese, and York, was available in one of our regular grocery stores so I used the free coupon sent to me by their master company, Unilever, to get this free box for today's Saturday Sacrament.

The York Ice Cream Bar has a dark chocolate flavored coating according to the box but the ingredients list chocolate liquor and cocoa both processed with alkali so I'm not completely sure why this is only "flavored" perhaps a legal reason I am currently unaware of but for our purposes, this indeed qualifies as a form of our Sacred Substance.  One bar has a depth of around 0.75 inches and a diameter of 3 inches.  On the bottom you can see that it was riding on a metal grating for the chocolate coating process from the lines and thinner chocolate in some places.

There is a light peppermint scent but almost no chocolate fragrance.  Cold chocolate tends to be less intense over all while room temperature or hotter chocolates tend to be more intense in terms of flavor and scent.  Taking a bite makes a loud crunchy sound that one of my assistants described as "delightful to hear" as he happily munched away.  Inside is a center of peppermint ice cream uncolored by artificial dyes though this is not a claim that the product is 100% natural.  The scent of both the chocolate and the peppermint increase as you eat.  I felt like the ice cream had a fluffy almost marshmallow like consistency, even when it melted it didn't seem creamy like other ice creams do but reminded me of the soft-serve variety of the frozen treat.  The cold from the frozen treat coupled with the peppermint really made my entire body feel like it was cooling off and with temps still in the 90s after dinner this was a good sensation.  The chocolate was definitely on the darker end of the spectrum because it added a nice bitter edge to the treat that also built up with each bite.  This was easily 10-12 bite dessert though it starts to melt in your hands about half way through even indoors.

It has been crazy hot and dry here in Indiana and these York treats from Good Humor are just one of the three candy favorite ice cream bars that the brand now offers.  Of course they offer a full line of other bars as well.  I choose this one because I felt it had the greatest chance of being chocolate tasting and it did well for frozen treats.  Made with both cocoa and chocolate liquor, reasonably priced if you can find it, this six-pack box makes the grade as a Sacrament for these hot summers.  Let me know, Sisters and Brothers, if you can find these and other Good Humor bars in your local stores or if the Good Humor truck makes the rounds in your neighborhood.

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