The Chocolate Cult: Popsicle the Heat Away

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Popsicle the Heat Away

I remember Popsicles growing up.  We often choose the cheaper brands or my mother made her own version but I still recall that when we did get them, they seemed better than the other brands or homemade (sorry mom).  My favorite, the Fudgsicle should come as no surprise to you all, Sisters and Brothers.  When Unilever sent us a freebie coupon for any popsicle product we wanted to feature I knew it had to be the Fudgsicle but there are now four varieties of these.  In an attempt to be a touch more health conscious, I wanted to try the sugar free variety in the hope it might taste more dark.  As you may recall I sometimes talk about our need to think of something other than chocolate and about others who may not like chocolate.  So I used this coupon to get a box of the Healthy Bunch so I'd practice what I preach.

In it are 6 Fudgsicles with only 35 calories eat made up of 1g saturated fat (from the cocoa and milk it is made with), 40mg sodium, 2g dietary fiber, 3g sugar alcohol, and 2g protein.  I really like that the nutritional facts are for both the one pop and the two pop serving you might have.  As you can see here, the Fudgsicle comes in a two sleeve pairing like the Creamsicle and the Popsicle in this box.  These two separate pops can be easily pulled apart without damaging the plastic sleeves so if you want to eat less or share with more people you may easily do so.

One Fudgsicle is about 4 inches in length but is not a perfect rectangle with two sides around 0.75 inches and the other two 1.25 inches wide.  It has really no scent as is common for many frozen chocolate treats.  If you wait to let it melt a bit, the fudge flavor comes through more strongly but over all the intensity of the artificial sweetener is fairly strong making this less dark than I had hoped.  The texture as it melts is part ice water and part pudding and that second essence does not change much even if you let it set in your mouth a bit.  However letting it set in your mouth does lessen the sweetness and intensifies the cocoa pudding flavor this has.  Not so much fudge then as pudding but since I find most fudge to be very sweet, I personally prefere this.  Compared to my memories of the original Fudgsicle this seems to hold up quite well; if I'd had two coupons or found a mixed box, I could have compared directly.

The Healthy Bunch is a good choice I think because you can get a bit of chocolate along with ice cream and frozen fruit flavored ice in one box.  I think this sugar-free variety is on par with the original and since it is using cocoa not just artificial flavors, I think it passes and can be a fine Sacrament on a warm day.  Just don't eat too many of them in one day if you have a problem with sugar alcohol in your system but then shouldn't we be practicing Moderation any way, Sisters and Brothers?

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