Saturday, August 18, 2012

Breyer's + Mrs Fields = ?

Our next ongoing ice cream features during this very hot 2012 year looks at what happens when two icons of big food join forces for one cold treat.  Breyers Blasts! are currently at 18 and each of these combines a candy or baked good icon with Breyers frozen dairy dessert (not ice cream, read the labels).  Using my Unilever coupon from the company, I received this Mrs Fields Chocolate Fudge Brownie Blast! to look at for all of you today in mid-August when it is still very hot and humid outside.

The first thing to check is how many types of chocolate are in this 1.5 quart container.  The frozen dairy dessert lists cocoa, the fudge swirl lists cocoa, and the brownie pieces list cocoa; cocoa all around.  This it isn't surprising that the main flavor in this treat is cocoa and not much sweetness.  The ice cream looks light brownish tan and you can see line of darker fudge and the brownie pieces that are these cubes throughout it.  The frozen dairy dessert is smooth but not creamy, and it provides a good base for the fudge and the brownies.  The fudge has the most sweetness of all three main components and it is slightly sticky.  The brownies are very much like a chewy brownie should be if you popped them in the freezer or the frig for a while before eating -- they will give your jaw a bit of a workout.  You have to let the frozen treat warm up a bit before you get any smell from it and then it is, guess what, cocoa.

If you like brownies and if you like cocoa, this is a great choice.  However if you turn to the ingredient list again there are so many added ingredients here that we simply cannot call this a worthy sacrament.  This could be made with very few ingredients and still deliver the cocoa and brownie goodness.  Yes, all these other ingredients might substitute for calories you could get from using cocoa butter or simply more cream but for a Sacrament don't you want something purer?

There you have it, one combination from Breyers Blast! revealed in today's Saturday Sacrament, Sisters and Brothers.  Have you tried this one and if so, what did you think about it?  Keep reading because as long as I'm feeling hot here, we'll keep doing frozen treat and ice cream features for you all to enjoy.

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