The Chocolate Cult: Chocolate Planning in September 2012

Friday, August 31, 2012

Chocolate Planning in September 2012

September is my birthday month plus my husband's birthday and our dating anniversary.  Yup we do still celebrate that after 20 years of marriage.  We all ready have so many dates we could mark with chocolate but how about a few more?

Saturday before Labor Day = International Bacon Day -- I have finally tried bacon and chocolate and you'll see a featured review on this later in the month.

September = National Whole Grains Month -- I've been baking now with whole grain flour for a few years.  Yes, you do need a bit more moisture and the texture can be different but I find it does not affect the flavor of chocolate at all.

September 4 = World Chocolate Day -- Another generic chocolate day.  I think on this holiday you should try to find chocolate from another country then come back and tell me about it.

September 8 = National Muffin Day -- Muffins can be chocolate, they should be chocolate, there are muffins that don't have chocolate?

September 12 = National Chocolate Milkshake Day -- Milkshakes are great but certainly not particularly healthy.  So what?  Moderation, people, moderation, so enjoy on this date just not every day.

September 13 = International Chocolate Day; oddly this might also be the birthday of Milton Hershey’s yes that Hershey (1857)  -- Again try a chocolate from another nation and we'll post something about Hershey later, too.

September 14, 1964 = Pop-Tarts come on the market from Kellogg’s -- There are several chocolate pop-tart varieties out but since we've reviewed several over our year, I don't we'll do much special on this date this year.

September 23 = National White Chocolate Day -- Yes, white chocolate is chocolate but there are laws about what makes it qualifies as white chocolate.  We'll review those laws on this date this month.

September 27 = National Chocolate Milk Day -- Is that school debate over chocolate milk still happening where you are?

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