Saturday, August 4, 2012

Is Magnum Too Much Chocolate?

The title of this Saturday Sacrament may have confused you, Sisters and Brothers.  Did your Chocolate Priestess actually entertain the question of whether or not something could be too much chocolate?  Actually this is not the first time I've wondered this but the question takes on new importance when you consider anything cold because cold decreases the flavor of many kinds of chocolate.  The folks from Unilever sent us a coupon to try the Magnum bar, an ice cream treat I'm sure most of you have heard about if not tried.  I were able to buy one box of these so I chose the Double Chocolate variety.

Boxes of Magnum ice cream treats generally come with only three items but these are big, around 1.1oz each, 4 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.  They are at least ten bites worth and possibly more if you like to taking smaller portions but remember this is ice cream it is going to melt whether you are inside air conditioning or out in the heat.  There is only so slow you can eat it before it simply falls a part and you don't want to waste any of this.  The bar has a good chocolaty scent and that fact surprised me since ice cream often does not have much of a chocolate fragrance.  Check out the ingredients list: cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, and cocoa are listed multiple times.  There is a lot of cacao being used and thus it can power through the cold that normally dampens the scent of our Sacred Substance.

Biting into it made a loud cracking sound because you are actually biting through three layers of chocolate until you hit the chocolate ice cream inside.  It is difficult to really see the three layers of chocolate round the ice cream but the one right on top is softer and is likely the chocolaty sauce. Then we have a layer of Belgium chocolate, clearly darker and indeed with a touch of bitterness to it. Over it all is this chocolaty coating of milk chocolate.  The problem was separating all the flavors so I tried to peel some pieces off to get individual samples.  There are differences here, not that subtle if you can pull them apart, but then blend together very well, more so as the treat melts.

That's the only down side to this treat because you do not want it to melt too much.  Unlike a bowl of ice cream, a handheld treat needs to be eaten more quickly or it can fall apart, get on your hand, your clothes, or simply fall on the ground and there you go, five second rules may not help you much at that point.  The box and the wrapper are all designed to send the visual message that this is an elite treat and given the amount of cacao products used to make it, it is worth what may seem like a higher price.  Sometimes you do indeed get what you pay for and this is a Sacrament worthy of a bit more change or a treat you should buy on sale and save for special events.  Let me know if you've tried Magnum and what you think, Sisters and Brothers.


elizabeth said...

I used to eat these all the time when I was studying abroad in Greece. They were delicious!

TammyJo Eckhart said...

They are good, Elizabeth. Thanks for reading and commenting. I hope you continue to do so.

Emilie said...

What is the normal price for these? They sound very special.

TammyJo Eckhart said...

I believe that a pack of three is around $4 or so depending on the store. I've seen a couple coupons this summer and these are good coupons for $1 off of one or two boxes. So compared to other frozen bars these are pricy but then think if you went to an ice cream truck or shop and for the quality these are good.

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