The Chocolate Cult: 2012 Halloween Treat Challenge

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2012 Halloween Treat Challenge

This year will be The Chocolate Cult's 4th Annual Halloween Treat Challenge.

Our hope is to have 8 challengers to reveal to you all throughout October as you are getting ready for Halloween whether you live in the USA, Canada, UK, or other countries that now celebrate this spooky fall time holiday.

Here is our basic information.  Please let your favorite chocolatier, candy maker, baker, chocolate sculptor know about this event.

Halloween Treats Challenge 2012

The Chocolate Cult is pleased to announce our 4th annual Halloween Treats Challenge for chocolatiers, confectioners, bakers, and purveyors of chocolate related treats.

The rules are simple.

Contact the Chocolate Priestess via and arrange to send a sample of your Halloween treats for review on The Chocolate Cult.

Send your sample early enough, and I will devote one day in October exclusively to your product — the earlier the better, because the 3000+ unique visitors we get each month will have more time to order from you.  The sample does not need to be large, but there should be enough of each treat for the Chocolate Priestess and/or her volunteer assistants (called Acolytes) to write a five-senses review of the product, and keep in mind that a photograph we take of the product(s) will accompany the review.

On Halloween, October 31, 2012, I will name up to six winners of the challenge, one for each category plus the Best over all.  The categories will be Best Mass Produced Halloween Treat, Best Gourmet Halloween Treat, Best Baked Halloween Treat (for businesses that create their own unique products), Best Independent Halloween Novelty, Best Halloween Treat Source (or those places that sell the products but do not create the treats themselves), and one across category winner will be labeled Best Halloween Treat.

In addition to be the featured product for the day your treats are revealed to the world, the winner of over all category will be offered the opportunity to place a FREE ad on the blog for 30 days.  That ad must fit on the sidebar or at the bottom of the page, and you would need to provide the HTML code for it.  This means that you’ll get extra notice for any month of your choosing for the next year.

Previous category winners have included Equal Exchange, Obrigadeiro, Sjaak’s, Sweet Mona’s, Taraluna, The Cookie Sandwich Company, The Protein Bakery, Praim, Cocoa Dolce, Creative Chocolates, and

Please contact if your company is interested in this opportunity.   Note that featured review dates are limited eight (8) dates so contact us soon but also know that we review on a first samples to arrive = first reviews scheduled and featured basis.  One all ready have one challenger line up for October 13, 2012.

We also do year round reviews so if you don’t have Halloween Treats you can still become featured review on our popular blog that has worked with 137 different chocolatiers and companies since 2009 with readers in 163 difference countries averaging 10,000 pageloads every month.

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