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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Buy Chocolate, Help a School

Sisters and Brothers, as you know we consider a wide range of issues when we discuss chocolate here. One of these is where does the money you pay go.  Sometimes it is pure big business profits, other times it helps support ecological or social programs, and then there are the targeted charities like The Chocolate Walk.  Today I want to introduce you all to Gwynn, a young lady I know who is working to help support her school in a way that connects to chocolate through an online fundraising company called The Chip Shoppe. That link takes you to our guest's page. As always with our interviews, the guests words are copied as sent to us and in italics for clarity.

What grade are you in at FISHERS JR HS 38862?

This is my first year at the junior high, I'm in 7th grade.

Is this fundraiser something that every student is doing?

Yes, the whole school has the chance to participate, though it is optional. We had a big kick off where two kids got to choose ping pong balls and get prizes. For every 12 items I sell, I get a chance to draw a ping pong ball and can earn prizes. 

Have you ever tried any of the products from the Chip Shoppe?

Not yet, but, because of the fundraiser, I look forward to getting a chance to. I know my mom is going to order some of the wrapping paper and I'd like to try the cheese cakes.

Are there a few products you see on the Chip Shoppe that you'd recommend?

Absolutely! We were told some of the cookie dough was ranked best in the country.

As you know, this is The Chocolate Cult, and we want to know: Do you like chocolate, Gwynn?

Of course and, well, who doesn't? I like dark chocolate, and love milk chocolate, but I think white chocolate is my favorite, but only in small doses. 

If so, what is your favorite kind of chocolate?

I think my favorite chocolates are the kinds with filling.

What is your favorite subject(s) in school?

Hard to say....most likely orchestra because music is my passion. I also sing and have been part of the school choir since 3rd grade. I also enjoy social studies because of the history lessons and english is great when I get to read. I love to read and am usually in the middle of 6 or 7 books. 

Do you have a home economics or cooking class in school yet?

Yes, we do, but I had to choose between it and orchestra. When we did our school visit last year, I got to see the final projects of the home ec class, but I enjoy sewing and cooking at home and realized I was learning just as much there as I would at school.

At home do you ever cook or bake with chocolate?

Of course. Dad and I are famous for our cocoa pancakes, we make them every time I have a sleepover party. I'm learning to make icing with my mom and love making chocolate icing.

Back to the fundraiser, would you give us the website address people should use and a date they need to keep in mind for ordering?

Our forms need to be in Monday, September 24th, although the website says the 27th, so it may be different, the website is, that link should take you right to my selling page.

Finally, what is the one thing you hope this fundraiser can help with at your school?

I hope the orchestra will be able to have more rental instruments available for students who don't have instruments of their own.

Thank you, Gwynn, for talking with us and letting us know about the fundraiser.  I hope that all of our readers check it out.  I ordered four cookie dough vouchers so I qualified for free shipping, too.

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