The Chocolate Cult: Choco Tacos?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Choco Tacos?

We used our Klondike coupon from Unilever to buy this new ice cream novelty we'd never seen before: The ice cream taco called a Choco Taco.  Their website lists three varieties but I've only seen two -- the original that we will look at today and the peanut butter variety.  I'd love to find the fully chocolate one. This brings the basic Klondikes to three forms: bars, sandwiches, and now tacos.

There are four of these treats to a box so I shared them with three of my Acolytes to get a wider view.  Each taco is wrapped in silver foil and easy to open.  Inside you can see it looks like taco sealed with milk chocolate and tiny pieces of peanuts, not nearly as many as show on the box.  The shell is a waffle cone type of material and it tastes just like that and it is solid but also not crispy like a waffle cone.  The ice cream has a chocolate flavored sauce mixed into it made from cocoa processed with alkali and a little cocoa.  The sealing chocolate is made with chocolate liquor.  So actual chocolate is being used here though with added oils and fats, not cocoa butter.

The taco has a little sweet and peanut scent to it when I bring it up for a bite.  The shell makes a soft cracking sound and it and the peanuts continue to crunch.   Go slowly because the ice cream could cause a headache if you don't since it is cold however you want to eat it fast enough that it does not melt.  Between the shell and the ice cream itself seems to be a layer of the chocolate coating used to seal the open seams.  I took a two bites then tried to peel back the waffle cone shell to show you in this photo.  The flavors all blend very well together to make a very balanced experience.  These are an excellent addition to the Klondike lineup.

There you have it, another novelty from Klondike.  Have you seen the Choco Taco in your area?  Have you tried it yet?  What do you think about it?


Wyrenth said...

I've seen these around from time to time. Taco Bell sometimes carries them, though it seems to widely vary as to which ones do (a friend of mine complained that one near him stopped selling them). They seem a well-liked treat regardless, though admittedly I haven't tried one myself. Some day. :)

The Chocolate Priestess said...

I wasn't aware that Taco Bell was selling these as well. Thanks for letting us know, Wyrenth.

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