Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy 2012 Birthday Chocolate Priestess

Yup, today is your Chocolate Priestess's 43rd birthday, see not as old as chocolate by a long shot.

For my birthday my hubby made me brownies with chocolate chunks and chocolate chips both.  We found a big box of mix from SAMs Club and he used two bags of mix to make a double recipe just a few hours before the time to eat them so they were nice and fresh, thick and fudgy on the inside and just a little crisp on top as I like my brownies to be.

Then we also had three different types of ice cream with chocolate.  I don't know about you but I can't bring myself to buy unnecessary food that isn't on sale. The Kroger brand ice cream was on sale so I got the two light ice cream and the one no sugar added/no lactose versions. One of my family members is intolerant to lactose though he loves ice cream, cheese, and chocolate milk.

One of my friends, Erica, gave me some of the new "Un" candy bars so when I try them I'll let you all know about them.  Erica is the same friend who has taken me to a few chocolate related events and helped me out at the convention where I did a presentation as my chocolate persona.

Then this evening we are going out to dinner to celebrate and I'll have chocolate then, too.  Except I didn't!  The choices for desserts were limited and there was only one chocolate option that I honestly didn't feel in the mood for so I went with cheesecake instead.

I share the exact birthday date with the following fellow famous people(1).  I'm famous just in a much smaller circle than most of these guys which means I can shop in sweatpants if I like without being worried about it.
Thank goodness no one "famous" died on my birthday!

I wonder if there were any events or individuals related to chocolate that tie to September 25? Nope, not that I can find. Please let me know if you find something.



Pegasuslegend said...

Well Happy Birthday and I am really glad no one died famous on your birthday . Have a deliciously chocolate night and its so sweet no pun intended of your husband to make you brownies! Love it!

TammyJo Eckhart said...

Thank you! I always have brownies on my birthday, well, at least since I lost a recipe of an amazing cake my mother made for me. Cakes really can't compete after that. Sometimes they are frosted but this one didn't need it and it would have been too much had it been frosted.

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