The Chocolate Cult: National Whole Grains Month

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

National Whole Grains Month

Today, September 4th, is actually World Chocolate Day but since we've looked at chocolates from around the world in the past to mark this fun food holiday, I thought I'd ask you all about something else.  This something does require you to leave comments, so please do so below.

September is also National Whole Grains Month.

USA stamps
It used to be a challenge to find whole grains, we in the USA were a nation that loved it's highly processed grains but over the decade or so that whole grains and health have gotten more attention, it is becoming easier and easier to find ready made products of whole grains.

Canadian stamps
Baking with whole grain is a bit trickier.  Finding processed flours that are whole grain are merely part of the problem. Often recipes using whole grains require extra steps that many of us may feel take too much time.  The results will have a different texture to them so sometimes our families aren't so happy when we first begin creating whole grain goods at home.

So, Sisters and Brothers, I want  you to tell me about your experiences using whole grains.  Do you primarily buy products that are whole grain but bake or cook using more heavily processed grains?  Do you have any tips for others starting out using whole grains in their own kitchens?

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