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Monday, October 29, 2012

Chocolate Planner for October 2012

We've been so focused on the Halloween season you may have forgotten that the winter holidays are fast approaching, but your Chocolate Priestess has not forgotten.  In fact, I all ready have four companies lined up for the next holiday season so we'll be starting right away in November.  So here's  your planner for next month.

November 7 = National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day -- Another chocolate plus almonds day on the fun food calendar... seems like the almond lobby may be behind this.

November 11= National Sundae Day; National Pocky Day in Japan -- I'm going to look at Pocky on this date so be ready and go get some to munch while you read.

November 20 = National Peanut Butter Fudge Day -- It doesn't need chocolate but wouldn't it be better with some?

November 24, 1615 = marriage of Anne to Louis XIII -- I'll explain why this is important to chocolate lovers in a post later this month.

November 25 = National Parfait Day -- I want to learn to make a parfait with chocolate of course.

November 26 = National Cake Day  -- I know there are cakes out there that are not chocolate I just don't desire them.

November 27 = National Bavarian Cream Pie Day -- Frankly I think this pie deserves more chocolate than it traditionally has.

November 28 = French Toast Day -- Why not add chocolate either in the bread or as a syrup/spread on it?

November 29 = Chocolates Day -- I'm not really sure what this means?  Does it mean "chocolates" as in what we call individual pieces of chocolate candy?

November 30 = National Mousse Day -- Mousse is either excellent or terrible in my experience.  Again why would I want the non-chocolate type?

Sisters and Brothers, do any of these holidays look good for you to celebrate?


elizabeth said...

I love your comments on each holiday! And I will definitely celebrate Pocky Day. I had no idea it was a holiday, but I love Pocky.

The Chocolate Priestess said...

I have a post pre-written for that one. If I had remembered this yesterday when I was in Jungle Jim's I could have checked out the Japan section and gotten pocky.

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