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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween LINDT 2012

LINDT Chocolate R.S.V.P. consultant, Amy Sue Lambermont, sent us two adorable entries for our 2012 Halloween Treat Challenge, our fourth year of this event on The Chocolate Cult.  She sent us a pair of Scary Sweet Hats and a trio of Pumpkin Favor Bags; there are also Spooky Ghost Gift Bags for this season.  Aren't these cute?

Each pumpkin or hat contains milk chocolate with a peanut butter filling truffles (pumpkins on the wrapper) and milk chocolate with a white chocolate filling truffle (ghosts on the wrapper).  In these photos you can see that I bit off part of each shell to show you the inside.  The shell is standard LINDT milk chocolate, very creamy and smooth, with a mild chocolate essence.  When you unwrap either all you can smell is the creamy cocoa fragrance.  You do not get even a hint of the inside until you've bitten it open so take the time to do that at least once for each variety.  Cream and vanilla are the main scents once you bite the ghost truffle open.  The shell melts on my fingertips as I hold it to bite through with a loud snap to get a full bite of both types of chocolate.  The white chocolate is much softer than the shell, it just dissolves like cream in my mouth and blends very well with the milk chocolate though the resulting flavor is a bit too creamy for me personally I can say that many people will adore this.  The pumpkin truffle's peanut butter center is also revealed by it's scent though it is lighter than the white chocolate as well as sustainably firmer.  Surprisingly this makes a softer snap when I bite it.  The center while firmer also melts as soon as it enters my mouth.

The Scary Sweet Hats come with eight truffles -- four pumpkin and four ghost wrappers.  The zipper on the side is easy to use and the hats are sturdy.  You do have to remove each truffle one at a time but they are also fairly easy to repack.  You could easily reuse these hats year after year as well.

The Pumpkin Favor Bags come with six truffles, three of each type.  These are just tied shut and when I opened one to take the truffles out the seams torn so this isn't as sturdy as the hats making it less likely they would survive over multiple years but I think you could also mend these and make them stronger.

These are cute bags of delicious truffles especially if you like LINDT chocolate.  Obviously these would be very pricy to hand out to the average trick o'treaters but they might be perfect for a select group of beloveds ranging in age from your kids to your grandparents.  If you go to Amy's website you can find more holiday treats for the fall via a catalog you can download.  If you book a LINDT party, we've done that on The Chocolate Cult, you can sample things before you buy.

We'll be seeing more from LINDT Chocolate R.S.V.P. and Amy just next month because she has sent us some fantastic Christmas items.

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