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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

TCHO for Halloween

We've reviewed and feature TCHO Chocolate here a few times, first with their dark chocolate and then when they introduced their milk chocolate.  For the season they have boxed and packed their individual pieces of four of their single origin chocolates. Check out the devil eating chocolate and the ghost and bat on the bigger box.  However, these arrived so late in comparison to the other Halloween Treat Challengers that this is the first time I could fairly get them revealed to you.  The good news is that there isn't anything holiday specific about the chocolate itself so if you've read our earlier reviews, you know what those are like and see if you want to order them for a holiday in the future.

For Halloween you could get their chocolate in boxes or containers ranging in size from 6-108 pieces.  For other holiday I'm sure they will have specially packages offers as well.  The only problem I see with TCHO for Halloween is who to give it to.  For most children darker chocolate may well be too bitter.  Teens and especially adults are more likely to favor darker chocolates as well as be more appreciative of the single origins bars.  If they offered this packaging with their milk chocolates, it could be a big hit with kids and trick o'treaters.

I want to show you how these four types of chocolate look next to each other because I don't think I've done this before.

From left to right these are Ghana 70%, Peru 68%, Madagascar 67%, and Ecuador 65%.  The 70% is darker than the rest and they each have a unique flavor that we've written about before.

As always TCHO is a great way to sample single origin chocolate and experience the real differences bean, soil, and farming techniques can have on our Sacred Substance.  For their concerns about farmers, their focus on quality, and their products, they definitely earn Sacrament status.

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