The Chocolate Cult: French Chocolate to Honor Anne and Louis XIII

Friday, November 23, 2012

French Chocolate to Honor Anne and Louis XIII

Tomorrow will be a Saturday Sacrament but is also the anniversary of Louis XIII of France's wedding to Anne of Austria back in 1615, 397 years ago.  One of the reasons she is important us here on The Chocolate Cult is that she is often credited with introducing chocolate to France where it became and remains a very big part of their culture.  In her honor, I'm going to look at a French chocolate that I found at a grocery store near Cincinnati, Ohio, that our Chocolate Fruit Acolyte, Rene, took me too right before Halloween this year.

Last month I went to a shop, more like an amusement park for foodies, called Jungle Jim's; at some point I'll get around to posting about the visit with photos.  One of the three chocolate items I purchased there was a Milk Chocolate with Caramel and Fleur de Sel bar from Bovetti Chocolats.  I found this in the chocolate/candy aisle of the store.  It has no artificial ingredients and yet a shelf life of almost a year because as long as you keep chocolate under the right conditions it can last a fair amount of time.  This 1.75oz bar has 2 servings but let's see if I'm tempted to eat more of it once I get started.

Four sections make up this bar so two sections per servings if you would.  On the back, as I hope you can see in this photo, you can see see bitty pieces of caramel and salt; these additional ingredients are in the bottom half of the bar and if you eat it this side on your tongue, you get their added flavors.  It is very creamy smelling and tasting when you eat it from the top side down.  The salt and caramel pieces are a bit crunchy at first bite and chew but the caramel becomes chewy and sticky.

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