The Chocolate Cult: Pocky Day

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pocky Day

Have you had Pocky?  This is a Japanese wheat cracker in the form of a stick that is generally covered in something sweet such as chocolate, strawberry, or almond coating.  Your Chocolate Priestess was introduced to Pocky a few years back when she started watching animé; yes, I watch some animé because of it is pretty darned interesting.  A while back one of our Acolytes and I were shopping and she wanted to go to the nearby Asian grocery store.  Now I've had other varieties of Pocky in the past but we found a new one that was chocolate, in fact it is "chocolat on chocolat creamy" according to the English translation on the back label.  As you'll see in the photo below, this is a milk chocolate with a darker chocolate swirled around it, the label marks it as 70% cacao.

Pocky is imported to our area by JFC International, Inc, but is made in Japan. It has wheat, milk, eggs, and soybeans in case you are allergic to any of these.  This box had four three stick bags in it for a total weight of 2.15oz. Two bags equal a serving of a 170 calories but since these are in four bags, you can easily control your consumption of it and indeed share it like I did.  Everyone who tried it with me agreed that this combination of milk and dark chocolate created a mousse like flavor, very creamy yet also a hint of bitterness.  We all really liked them.

So since today is "Pocky Day" in Japan, I thought we might support our good friends and I want to hear from all of you, Sisters and Brothers, about your experience with Pocky.  What flavors have you tried?  Where can you find it near you?


elizabeth said...

Pocky Day!! My favorite flavor is strawberry, and I will definitely be picking some up today at my local Asian grocery store.

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Good for you, Elizabeth.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Mrs Mulford said...

Strawberry too! Well most of them. Now Tammy Jo you wouldn't be surprised to hear that would you :-)

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Hi, Mrs Mulford. It is great to see you again here on The Chocolate Cult.

We have limited types of Pocky around here so when I saw this flavor I had to snatch it up to try it. Normally I see only two types in our area -- strawberry and milk chocolate.

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