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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Small Business Samples in Cocoa Paper

Today is "Small Business Saturday" so as a way to address this fairly new economic and social movement in the USA, I wanted to look at products directly related to business from Cocoa Paper.  We were sent samples of their pamphlets and boxes as part of a larger array of products made from cacao tree bark that this company makes, or more specifically that they hire cocoa farmers wives and cocoa farmers to make so that less of their crop goes to waste. Remember using the left over bark does not hurt the trees or the cocoa beans but it does give the small cocoa farmers another way to make a living which offers them more economic security and independence.

There are three basic things that Cocoa Paper sent us that I want to look at today because these are products that businesses themselves, as well as you or I, Sisters and Brothers, could use making us supporters of small businesses on several levels.  First Cocoa Paper itself is a small business but it also gives economic opportunities to cocoa farmers and their families beyond the growing of the cocoa beans.  I use boxes from time to time, and business cards all the time; pamphlets... not so much but some of you may so I thought you'd like to know about these options.

Pamphlets or brochures are a small way to pack a lot of information about your company into one neat sheet of paper.  The downside is that keeping them can be a hassle but I see these far more than I even see business cards because they make your presentation quick.  These are slightly thicker than the bleached and highly processed paper but on par with recycled paper products.  In this photo you can see the folded out brochure as well as the cover of it in the center from another one.  The paper has no scent to it so really this is equivalent to traditional paper you could use in terms of colors and print quality.

Business cards are still very popular to hand out and collect when you meet others face-to-face.  In some cultures there are practically rituals around giving and receiving cards though in the USA today it is more just hand them over and make vague promises to get in touch.  I have two  leather binders I keep those I receive in.  The ones from Cocoa Paper are sturdier than the traditional simple cards and you can get them coated, too, if you like.  They are standard size 9cm by 5cm though they can be customized in terms of size as well.  You can see our contact person there, Kate, since these are her business cards.

Boxes made with cocoa paper are just as sturdy as others and you can have your logo or other designs on them. Here you can see the two boxes we received as samples with chocolate designs on them that may seem familiar if you've been reading our features about this company and its products.  These are the same size but the graphics are in two directions so you can see some variation here.  There are two sizes you could get standard but also you can get a custom made size as well.  That's one of the bonuses of working with a small business: possibility for more direct influence over what your orders will look like.  Obviously all customize costs more but in this case you know you are supporting cocoa farmers as well as two levels of small business.

Cocoa Paper offers a fuller use of the cocoa tree in all aspects, not wasting any part of a plant or animal is just good practice as well as more respectful in my opinion.  Plus on Small Business Day it is good to know that one small business is turning around and trying to empower others as well as promote itself.  For that reason we have to give Cocoa Paper high marks for useable pamphlets, business cards, and boxes that you could use every day or for special occasions.  While they are not edible chocolate, they are Sacrament worthy on this Small Business Day and everyday for embracing the growth potential of cocoa trees and promoting better lives for the farmers and families that depend upon them.


The Chocolate Priestess said...

Rhen Nicey, as our comment directions state, we don't allow links in them so I've had to delete your comment. If you like to send us your products to test and write about, contact me directly.

The Chocolate Priestess said...

nusrat jahan, as our comment directions state, we don't allow links in them so I've had to delete your comment. If you like to send us your products to test and write about, contact me directly.

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