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Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Little Chocolate on Your Cards

While you are used to seeing us talk about food and drink here on The Chocolate Cult you also know that we cover anything related to chocolate.  So today I wanted to look at two categories of cards you could order from Noble Works Cards.  Think of these as a way to give chocolate without calories or as a nice addition to any gift of chocolate you might give. None of their Christmas cards have a chocolate theme so they sent us birthday, Valentine's Day, and general cards with cocoa captions and images.  We'll save the Valentine's Day cards until January and look at six others today.

The cards are all standard in terms of their size and paper so let's just look at the eye-candy, shall we?

We'll start with the two any occasion cards.

This one has a birthday version as well but I think the message might be best as a pick-me-up for a friend having a rough time.  I like the 1950s/60s style of clothes and woman and the brownie is just enough to make the connection with the text.

The next everyday card is a bit risqué by some standards I guess.  It also has a birthday version of it that you can choose.  Maybe I run with a strange crowd but I think several of my friends might be amused by this one; men and women both!  Again we have a 1950s/60s style of lady on the cover; she could have been my mother at a birthday party.

Then we have four birthday cards touched by chocolate in their words or images.

How many of you do yoga?  How many of you wish you did yoga?  Then this card might appeal to you.  Inside the card reads: Or you can just sit on your ass and eat chocolate.  Hope your birthday is blissfully happy! The envelope mine arrived with was a bright yellow.

The next one might work well for someone who is interested in environmental causes or who frankly is not and you want to poke fun at them.  It came with a white envelope and inside it read: Dig in.  It's your birthday! Check out the photo!  What a happy family but I bet if mom wasn't getting chocolate it would be a different matter.  I think you must give chocolate with this card or it makes no sense at all.

Here's another one for an exercise freak or an exercise hater who loves chocolate.  This sultry 1960s chick gives it to you straight adding inside: Happy Birthday cause her look pretty much says it all.  Of course she doesn't look like she needs exercise and in fact could use a few pieces of chocolate though she also has a very boyish waistline, doesn't she? This came with a red envelope.

The last birthday card also came with a red envelope but the woman drawn on it seems more 1940s/50s style, the type you might see on a pulp fiction book cover.  She isn't going to put up with your cheapness. Her declaration inside the card makes perfect sense to me: NOT ENOUGH! Happy Birthday!  You better give a lot of chocolate or no chocolate at all with this cards.

There are many other chocolate themed cards at Noble Works Cards.  I did a search for you so you can find them.

Noble Works Cards are funny, silly, a bit risqué perhaps, and a touch rude, too.  But they made us laugh out loud so they might make someone you care about laugh, too.  Laughter is great for your heart, your body, and if you are lucky it isn't too bad for your soul.  Noble Works Cards is also offering all of you, Sisters and Brothers, a special offer: put “choco” in as coupon and you'll get for 35% off orders until Valentine's Day.  With cards under $3 that means you can get them for under two bucks!

Thank you to Noble Works Cards for letting us use their photos and for sending us this sampler.  We'll look at them again around Valentine's Day.

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