The Chocolate Cult: Chocolate Production and Safety

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Chocolate Production and Safety

For weeks I shared links about peanut butter and chocolate products that salmonella in them.  I always try to share health and safety alerts with you all, Sisters and Brothers, because I want you all to be healthy and happy with chocolate.  Recently another of our chocolate followers here sent me a link to an article about all of the potential health risks that chocolate manufacturers have to counter when make their treats for us.

Please check this out then come back here and share some of your thoughts.  The link should open a new window in your browser so you can still leave comments here.


My first thought is that I wonder if health risks are lessened when we have bean to bar companies, you know where they are hands-on with the growth of cocoa beans as well as every step until they sell their products to us.

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