Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Petit Fours for the Holidays

Raise your hand if you've heard of Swiss Colony.  You know, the little kiosks and shops that having been popping up for decades and decades around Christmas time where you can get gift baskets and boxes for folks whom you really don't know what to give in this hectic holiday season.  Your Chocolate Priestess has purchases such gifts in the past for distant relatives or older relatives who honestly don't need more stuff to clutter their houses but who like a little treat they can enjoy themselves or share with others.  When I was a child through my early teens, this shop offered me goodies that looked very nice for a price I could afford with my babysitting money.  If you recall, this past fall I helped a friend's daughter promote a sell on behalf of her school and during that I myself ordered four gift certificates that I used to purchase some cookie dough and these two boxes of petit fours from Swiss Colony.  With red and gold box tops these would be nice looking gifts to present but let's see what is inside.

The red box houses chocolate petit fours, 15 of them, all of them identical in shape as I hope you can see here.  I put these in the refrigerator right after receiving them as the instructions suggested because I knew I wanted to save them until closer to Christmas, the main winter holiday celebrate my family honors.  These are three red velvet cake layers with chocolate fudge between the layers and covered entirely with .  The ingredients list does prove these are real chocolate but there are also a lot of added and artificial items on that list, too.  The little cake had a very nice chocolate and cream flavor and at two bites, ideally sized to set up and share at a party.

The gold box has a variety of petit fours, all chocolate but in total five flavors, three of each one.  I'll start at the upper left hand side and work my way across to try and figure out these flavors. The first one has a chocolate coating and red stripes across the top while inside I found a strawberry cream between white cake layers but some type of jelly that is very citrus in taste; I didn't like it much personally.  The second one has a red drop and green tear drop on the white top and inside is white cake with vanilla cream and again this sort of citrus jelly inside; I don't know if this has chocolate or not.  The third one is also chocolate covered with white stripes over the top but inside it has red velvet cake with white cream but no jelly so this one I liked though it wasn't as good as the chocolate petit fours we looked at first in this product review.  The fourth piece with the green drop on top of layers of lemon cake and lemon cream with that citrus jelly that actually works this time because of the overall flavor.  The fifth piece has green stripes over the chocolate coated red velvet cake layers separated by fudge cream.  I think you all know which of these I liked best, right?

Have you bought anything from Swiss Colony recently, say in the past five years, Sisters and Brothers?

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