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Monday, December 31, 2012

TCHO: The Best Chocolate of 2012

Today  is the last day of 2012 so it is time for us here on The Chocolate Cult to look back at the feature reviews and pick a company that represents the best chocolate we had this past year.  To do this, I look back over all of our Saturday Sacraments and our Special Sacramental Reviews.  Is there anyone that stands out?  Why do they stand out?

We had a lot of great contenders this year: DOVE, TCHO, Lindt, Chocolats du CaliBressan, Chocolate for the Spirit, Kane Candy, Cocoa Paper, The Best Chocolate in Town, Oliver Kita Chocolates, Captivating Confections, Cero's Candies, Cosmos Brownie Company,  240 Sweet, and indi chocolate.

We've also had a few unpleasant surprises that we won't even repeat the names of here as we look forward to a new year.

Some companies sent as so many samples that we have a good grasp of their range of creation while others sent us one specific example so we can't really gauge if that was their average or their best.  Three of the above companies offered us products that aren't traditional candy, going beyond to support the full range of products as well as the cocoa farmers themselves in two cases.  So do I choose a company with a high quality range of chocolate products or one that goes beyond what you the reader might expect us to name?

I'm going to toss out a few of the above names simply because we have yet to feature the full range of products they have sent us; those will be in the running for next year's title.  Also I'll put a hold on companies whom we've only had one product from and if in the future they send other samples, we can weigh them more fully against their competition.

TCHO Serious Milk Chocolate Bars
Our winner this year is TCHO for expanding their range of chocolate products but keeping the quality and balance of flavors high.  We've featured TCHO products over the years so I feel we have a good example now of what they can do with dark, milk, and flavored chocolate.  Of course we look forward to their new creations but today they join the ranks of other Great Companies who have sent us samples to feature.

Best Chocolate of the Year as Declared by The Chocolate Cult
2012 = TCHO
2011 = American Heritage Chocolate
2010 = Guittard
2009 = Theo Chocolate

TCHO Baking Drops
Other TCHO Products we've featured:

TCHO Mokaccino Bar

Flavored TCHO:

TCHO Drinking Chocolate

A hot drink from TCHO:

2012 Halloween boxes from TCHO

A spooky box of darks from TCHO:

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The Chocolate Priestess said...

Thanks for reading, latinforme, though I see the inclusion of advertizing at the bottom of your comment and that isn't very nice.

If you read the article above you'll see that this is a year by year decision we make based on what we've featured using our full sensory process. In no way would we claim this is the best chocolate period.

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