Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Little Chocolate Help for your Diet

Did you make a promise to yourself or others, Sisters and Brothers, to get healthier in 2013?  Perhaps to move more or to eat less or to be more aware of what you are eating.  I received this full box of South Beach Diet Protein Fit Chocolate flavor Cereal Bars through the Amazon Vine program.  Since I had to review it there, Sisters and Brothers, I thought I might review it for you all as well, in fuller descriptive fashion.  The box claims this has a "New! Improved Taste" and I hope so because to be blunt; I haven't been impressed or even pleased with the previous chocolate varieties of this brand. I took these photos with my phone so they are not as good as most of our photos are.  If South Beach Diet wants to send me a product directly, then I can set things up at home with the better camera.

There are five bars in a box so depending on how you use them, meal replacement or snack, they'll last you less than a week.  If it is for meal replacement this would save you money but will it actually be enough to hold you over?  I ate one for lunch on a few days and one for breakfast on other days as I tested these out.  Let's see if I still wanted to snake after these.  These are protein bars and the idea behind eating more protein is in part to maintain or built muscle but also to curb hunger since it takes your body longer to digest.  Normally I eat fiber bars but these have only 3 grams of fiber versus 9 grams protein and two grains of fat.

The first thing that pleased me about these bars was the strong dark cocoa scent that came out as soon as the package was opened.   The cocoa appears to be throughout the cereal pieces and there is a triple drizzle of chocolate on top.  There is a definite taste of soy here and I personally think this hurts the cocoa flavor, indeed a bitter and soy flavor is the last one in my mouth from these.  The cocoa is undeniably dark because it literally dries my mouth out making me drink more water; not a bad thing to drink more water but not a pleasant chocolate experience either.   It is crunchy with each bite and the cocoa and throughout but the chocolate just cannot overcome the soy.  If you like soy, great, this will work for you, but if not, you won't find these very satisfying.

At this time post the holidays, you may be looking to cut out some excess weight or just get back into a food routine.  Bars like this claim to help you lose weight but ultimately if they don't satisfy your need for nutrients and your desire for food and drink, they won't work.  I just didn't enjoy these at all. Some folks may be able to stick to a 'diet' out of pure willpower but I want to enjoy my life, all of it, and taste and texture are not something I'm willing to sacrifice.  I find keeping track of what I eat to be a great way to remind myself about nutrition and improve my body but these just would make me sad and increase the temptation to eat something else.

How about you, Sisters and Brother?  Are you willing to eat or drink something you don't enjoy in hopes it might help you lose weight?

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