Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Little Lindt Luxury

Last spring I hosted a Lindt R.S.V.P. chocolate party and bought myself a huge basket of goodies.  As I go through these I'll review various items for all of you but since these were not sent to us don't expect a detailed, full-sensory or links to where you can purchase it yourself.  You'll need to do some digging to discover those details.

This item is the Swiss Luxury Collection, a 4.9oz gold box with 14 pieces inside of it and I hope you can see in this photo. Of these 14 pieces, six are copies while two are unique.  In order: Amande Croquante, two Coeur a l'Orange, another Amande Croquante, Pointe de Chocolat, CarrĂ© de Stacciatella, another Pointe de Chocolat, Dragon Noir, two Macchiato, another Dragon Noir, Caramelita, Perle de Cacao, and another Caramelita.

Amande Croquante is good if you like milk and white chocolate with almonds.  The orange in the Coeur a l'Orange has a very marmalade flavor to it and I really liked the dark chocolate with it.  The Pointe de Chocolat has an unexpected caramel flavor that doesn't match the dark and light milk chocolate description. The sole CarrĂ© de Stacciatella is very pretty to look at and tastes like cookies and cream in vanilla ice cream.  The Dragon Noir has hazelnut giandja (something I've defined for you all in a previous post) that gives the fudgy dark chocolate a good sweetness.  I gave someone else the Macchiato and they said it wasn't too strong in terms of coffee but I still had no desire to try it.  The Caramelita has both a tangy and a sweet caramel that almost overwhelms the dark chocolate.  Finally the single Perle de Cacao in the box is a very creamy dark chocolate with a bit of crunch especially on top.

I think this could be a great gift to give any Lindt lover you know.

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