Saturday, January 19, 2013

Humor + Chocolate = Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine's Day is only a short time away, Sisters and Brothers.  Beyond all the candy you could give your sweetheart how about a card that mentions or shows chocolate? What?  You think it might be too much of a tease?  So give them chocolate, too.  The funny folks from Noble Works Cards sent us three of their Valentine's Day selections to show to you all today.

The first card is the least heterosexual in nature of the three.  The speaker and the person on the card is clearly female, stuck in the 1940s/50s.  Inside you can have the blank version like I received or one with words but the words are not gendered.  Therefore I think this would work well for a women to give to a male or female partner.  Mine came with a white envelope.

The other two are more gendered.  The first shows that men like their chocolate, too, which I know 100% is correct given not only the men in my life but the ones who leave comments here.  It is about a 50/50 split on The Chocolate Cult between men and women leaving comments, in fact, men have been more likely to enter our giveaways than women.  Go figure.  Now back to this card.  Inside it says: Nothing could be sweeter than you! Happy Valentine's Day and shows the woman tossing the empty box over the man and turning away.  OUCH! Guys if you get chocolate for a woman and know you might eat it, get another box for yourself and avoid this problem.  It came with a white envelope, too.

The last card for Valentine's Day that we were sent had a red envelope and the most risqué message and image yet I think.  What do you think?  See still not very risqué and still poking fun at men.  *frown*  I live in a very different world from this one but maybe the card will strike you as both funny and true.  Inside it reads simply: Happy Valentine's Day.  Who would give or receive this card?  Perhaps two female friends who like to joke about the men in their lives?  I just don't see most men offering this up but perhaps one of the many men who do read The Chocolate Cult might speak up and explain why and when they would give such a card.

Noble Works Cards offers some funny and sexy cards for your funny and sexy partner.  Who would you give such a silly Valentine's Day card to, Sisters and Brothers?

Remember also that Noble Works Cards is also offering all of you, Sisters and Brothers, a special offer: put “choco” in as coupon and you'll get for 35% off orders until Valentine's Day.  With cards under $3 that means you can get them for under two bucks!

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