Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Small Heart Box Chocolates from Elmer

Even though we focus on products we are sent, sometimes we do regular product reviews for items you can find in many stores, just off the shelf chocolate, mass produced items, or cheap chocolate you might be tempted to buy.  Thus today we are going to look at at 2oz heart-shaped box from Elmer Chocolate that I found in our local Kroger last year after Valentine's Day.  I'm sure that Elmer Chocolate is still around and I'm betting their products haven't changed too much since I tried these back in February 2012.

The paper and plastic heart-shaped box was covered in plastic that once removed immediately released the fragrance of chocolate.  Inside were five pieces of candy -- three milk and two dark.  These are real chocolate with both cocoa mass and cocoa butter in them.   I have no idea what the flavors are but nothing on the ingredient's list looks bad so let's try it out starting with the upper left hand side and working our way around the box.

The first piece is a dark chocolate that is easily over powered by a very intensely orange cream center.  If the chocolate had been milk, I couldn't have tasted it at all I believe.  The second piece is very heavy and inside is a very brown sugar tasting soft caramel.  The third piece is a milk chocolate covered fudge treat that is very chewy.  Piece number four looks a lot like the milk chocolate caramel and it has the same heft to it but inside is a more strawberry flavored semi-liquid chocolate center. Finally the fifth piece is milk chocolate with a very sweet raspberry cream center.

There you go, not very expensive, fairly simple chocolate flavors that might work well for many folks out there as a starter treat for Valentine's Day but you'll want dinner and movie, too, because these are only slightly above average in terms of overall quality where sugar and other flavors are overpowering the chocolate itself.

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