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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tell Your Beloved It is Forever

Chocolate for the Spirit is an Indiana Artisan company that we looked at last month for the winter holidays but you know what else is a winter holiday here in the USA?  Valentine's Day.  In honor of that, let's look at their Forever Bar and how you can get that to give to your beloved for this fast approaching holiday; or for yourself since you need to love yourself, too.  Made with 68% Fortunato no. 4 cacao from Peru (a very rare white cacao bean) and wrapped in a red foil this could be a great treat for your beloved.

I can smell the dark cocoa essence as I unwrap the red foil.  What lays beneath is beautiful: a molded bar of chocolate with closed and opened cocoa pods lining it with rised edges.  The bar itself is 2oz and measures 1 7/8th inches across and 4 inches long, the depth varies because of the rised edges.  The ingredients are simple: cocoa mass, cane sugar, and cocoa butter, nothing artificial so you are giving your beloved the real deal like your feelings, maybe?  Taking a bite produces a soft snap and the chocolate begins to melt in my mouth.  There is a vanilla like flavor with a hint of something floral that turns to a very mild bitterness at the end.  Frankly I'd expect such a pure bar of this percentage of cacao to be more bitter so this might please someone whose preference is a bit lower at around the 55% level.

Chocolate for the Spirit is a great little company that is getting more and more media attention for the wonderful work they do. Made with rare and simple natural ingredients, this Forever Bar especially earns the title of Sacrament.  Julie, you've done it again!  Thank you for letting us share your creation in time for Valentine's Day.

1 comment:

Julie Bolejack said...

My pleasure.. I'll be making some truffles with this chocolate too

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