Saturday, January 5, 2013

Universal Letter-Writing Week with Cocoa Paper

The week of January 8th through the 14th seems to be the Universal Letter Writing week; "seems" because I only found it mentioned a few places and they weren't specific to which year was being discussed.  Normally a week long fun holiday is labeled as the first, second, third, or fourth week of a month so if any of you know more specific information for this holiday, Sisters and Brothers, let me know in a comment.  In honor of this week I wanted to do our final feature review for Cocoa Paper looking at their stationary, cards, and gift tags, all items you could write a letter, long or short, to someone on.

Let's start with these tags that could either be gift tags or product tags as the sample we were given are.  If you are a company these can be printed for your products and you fill in specific information on the back by hand.  If you got these plain or with only an image on the cover you could use them as gift tags.  Now a lot of writing can be put on these so let's move to the next larger sample you might use this week.

These 3X3 inch cards come in packs of six and you can select two designs or I'm sure make your own.  We were sent four of these in four different chocolate related designs.  They are blank on the inside and the envelop also has a chocolate piece on the back flap.  Please note that these do not have an adhesive on the envelops so you'll have to glue or simply fold inside to seal them.

The larger cards are almost 5X5 inches and these do not appear to come in packs, only individual pieces as far as I can see on the website but I'm sure Cocoa Paper would work with you if you wanted to place a larger order.  I really liked the chocolate eating woman on the card in the upper left hand side.  This card could hold a lot more in it in terms of writing for this week of expressing yourself by letter.  The envelops will need to be sealed in some fashion once more.

The next set of cards may be another size of greeting card or they may be part of a stationary set.  At around 4X6 inches, they offer slightly less space than the previous cards but in a more traditional card form here in the USA.  Again you'll need to glue or seal the envelops yourself with these.  I note that right now as this review is going live, the stationary sets are on sale so if you think these might be good gifts or good for yourself, now is the time to buy.

Finally I get to the sheet of paper you can write much longer letters on for your friends and family this week.  These with the cards above are best purchased as a stationary set, not the ones currently on sale but frankly of the same price.  There are six different chocolate designs you can select from for these and they come in a nice cocoa paper box that we've reviewed before here.

The next time you want to write a letter by hand, send a card, or tag a gift, you now know that you can do so while you help support cocoa farmers by turning to Cocoa Paper.  We thank them again for their wonderfully useable paper, their designable nature, and their support for the substance we all love, Chocolate!  This company once more earns Sacrament status.

Who are you letter writing to this week?  I think I should try to find time to write to my grandma and my mother again.


Sujan Das said...
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mavido79 said...

Hmmm, I've already sent my holiday/birthday thank you notes. But I'll keep these in mind for next year.

TammyJo Eckhart said...

Mavido79, I'm so glad you read and posted. I think all of their products have been great, I've been surprised by the quality.

As an aside, the commenter above you was clearly an ad, what he wrote didn't make much sense, so I've removed it.

Folks, keep comments like mavido79 coming but please don't the ability to comment to make silly ads. If you want us to review and feature your products, email me and we'll discuss how that works.

Asim Ali said...
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TammyJo Eckhart said...

I had to delete the comments from Asim Ali who basically posted an advertisement with the exact same wording even (like I wouldn't notice?) on three different posts.

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